Goodbye Old Friend!

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Re: Goodbye Old Friend!

Post by Solid_Snake1998 » Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:31 am

Goodbye sparks, even though this is a bit late and I never returned in the time I promised... :frown: but I just wanted to say you will be deeply missed, but I will keep my promise to you, to keep the team together and show other -(PUPS)- the ropes and to pass on to the -(DOGS)- the knowledge you have given me. and even though I never got to know you or your family truly well yet, you will stay burned into my memory forever like a flakshell to the brain. and to his family I give my prayers and blessings. but then again we all shouldn't worry because is it not true that ''all -(DOGS)- go to heaven?''

your friend Armandre El-Amin a.k.a Solid_Snake-(PUP)-

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Re: Goodbye Old Friend!

Post by Epsilon-X-(DOG)- » Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:15 pm

Ever since I started Unreal and its Tournaments, it has been a pain not meeting this man who deserved respect and kindness towards him, and even though it's late for me to talk about his death, I wished I started Unreal earlier, and know who Mr.OldSparky-(DOG)- was.

I did note the potentiality Sparky had, and how amazing of a human being he was, I respect him and his clanmates, the -(PUPS)- and -(DOGS)-. I have all my condolences to him, and his wife Betty, and his son Joe, who unfortunately got blinded by usage of drugs.

I hope you're fine up there, Sparks.

Sincerely, your future friend in Heaven, Seif ElDeen M. A. a.k.a Epsilon-X.

May your soul rest in peace. :'(
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