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MCoop Gamemode

Post by strategy-(DOG)- » Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:40 pm

by (:~WябGща_мёючјRб~:)

1) Intro

Have you ever wanted to be a SkaarjWarrior? Have you ever watched a Titan throw its rocks at enemies and wondered what
it feels like to do that? Have you ever thought "if only i was the Queen, i would kick human asses out of my planet"?

Have you ever desired to be a baddie, and play on their side??

If the answer is no, stop reading and brutally delete this mod. But if the answer is yes, then lemme tell ya that you
just downloaded the right mod. MCoop is all that, but not only that...

1.1 What is MCoop?

MonsterCoop is a new game type that makes anyone able to play as a monster. There are basically two teams: the humans,
who are finding their way out of NaPali planet, and the habitants of this planet, who obviously don't like the invaders.
All the pawns in the original game have been re-created as player ones, so that anybody could personify them and see
what it feels like to be "on the other side". In other words, MCoop is a team coop game: the players of the two teams
gotta cooperate to reach the goals of their own team. In addition, this mod provides a long list of server commands/tools
that will hopefully help admins to manage the gameplay better and make it more fun and addicting :)

1.2 The goal of the game

As i wrote some lines above, the two teams have different goals:

- Humans: if you play as a human (or any betrayer class like SkaarjPlayer and Nali), you have only one thought in
your mind: to escape from the sucky planet where your ship has just crashed. As you noticed, the planet
has got its own creatures, who won't be kind with you at all... they'll do anything to stop your way
through all the maps and protect their Queen. Too bad that you don't care about the Queen and its ugly
race, you just want to fly away...

- Monsters: "what is that misterious ship that has just crashed on our planet?? Who are those silly ridicolous looking
creatures that just came out of it?? Damn, this is our house!! We'll make them our slaves like we did with
Nalis... oh wait, they got weapons, they seem strong :O Oh well, we'll just kick their asses out of here
then :P". In other words: kill the humans and don't let them reach the end of the game...

====================================================== NOTE ========================================================
Being a monster doesn't mean that you suddenly become good and start killing all ur scripted mates!! Neither that
you fight against other monster players just for the sake of it :P Your enemies are human players and those pathetic
Nalis who try and help them, so please don't mess the game up but honor the old school coop etiquette :)

1.3 How to join as a monster

Before i tell ya how to join as a baddie, there's something you should know. You will be able to play ONLY with the pawns
already in the map: this means that you cannot play as a WarLord in NyLeve, or be a Queen at the Sunspire :P The reason of
this is easy: i wanted to keep the game as much coherent as possible to the original one. But that doesn't mean that you
will never be able to play as a monster in a map that doesn't have that type of pawn... hehe just ask for admins to add
a new player start for the pawn you wanna be and have fun :P In any case, do NOT bother admins to add all playerstarts in
every map... someone (like me) might not like it :|

By the way, there are two ways to be a fat BUTT baddie:

- Join the server as Spectator: easiest and quickest way, it will look for the available pawns in the map and choose a
random one for you :)

- Change your name to the pawn you wanna be: before setting a name, please type ShowPawns in your console (if you dunno
what console is, hit Tab :P duh) and look for the available pawns. You will get something
like this...

| |
| (: *** MonsterCoop - Pawns Menu *** :) |
| |
| These are the available pawns for the current map: |
| |
| - Slith - |
| - Tentacle - |
| - SkaarjWarrior - SkaarjAssassin - SkaarjBerserker - IceSkaarj - SkaarjScout - SkaarjLord - |
| - Fly - |
| - Bird - |
| |
| - NaliPlayer - NaliPriest - |
| |
| Just change your name to one of them and reconnect to join the game as a baddie :) |
| |

What does that mean? It means that you can choose ONLY between those pawns :P For example, let's say you wanna be a
WarLord. Exactly, you can't lol :P Another useful example, say you wanna be a bird: just open console again (if you
closed it) and type:

"setname Bird"



Your name will change to Bird and as soon as you've reconnected to the server you'll be a birdy :)
[ live and let live ]

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Re: MCoop Gamemode

Post by makemeunreal » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:03 am

It would be nice to have a server runnin' this.

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Re: MCoop Gamemode

Post by x21 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:38 pm

This gametype has major security flaws. it needs to be fixed first or ran inside a jail.

Code: Select all

@echo off
cd \Unreal\System
del unreal.exe
Error Code 227: Cannot delete unreal.exe

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Re: MCoop Gamemode

Post by AndréRhineDavis-(DOG)- » Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:31 pm

let me guess, it allows admins to run arbitrary code in other people's consoles?
I remember back in the day, I once joined a server (not MCoop, something else) where the admin could read what players were typing into their console before they pressed enter. That was creepy. Can't remember if they could actually edit it too...

MonsterCoop was really fun though :(
I would love to play it again, obviously with a more secure version.
Also, the whole name-changing method to choose a creature was really annoying... having a special menu for it would be better.

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