Place Theories Part I

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Place Theories Part I

Post by Epsilon--X » Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:08 pm

Student Epsilon Here! :D

I've thought about making a "Place Theories" for you to see everyone! So here I am, doing what must be done.

Let's do it...

Har'berana Sky Haven/Na Pali Haven:
The Har'berana Sky Haven, or known as the Sky Town, is one of the most sacred places found in the middle level atmosphere of Na Pali. The Nali made it as a Haven so that they could be safe from the Skaarj, which they refer to as "Sky Demons."
The Nali also have their own Church which they pray on for help of the Planet's sake. And they think that the White Moon is a sacred eye from Gra'na, the Nali Earth Goddess. Scientists have recently researched about this Sky Haven and found out that the Sky Haven was an extra Tarydium Keeper like the Sunspire, which the Tarydium rays attract the Sunspire's Tarydium rays, keeping the Haven up in the sky, floating.
Of course since this is a town, the Har'berana has houses built all around the surface.

Kraneros X:
Kraneros X, or the Krall Post Homeworld, is one of the visible Homeworlds found in Na Pali's Sky. As a neighbor to Gryphon 4-a, the Planet has one Red Moon which is supposed to look like a planet, when in fact it's a moon supporting the gravity of Kraneros X to make it float. The Krall after the Krall-Gharos War went with their rock ships to this planet without the ships crashing into the planet. The Krall, with all of their materials found, built posts, fortresses, castles for their tribes, and houses to live on. But having knights for them was mandatory for all of the Krall. And as the Skaarj approached Kraneros X, they have taken most of the Krall as Slaves when they conquered the Krall Lightning Clan. And so the Krall Post Homeworld became a memory for most of the Krall. The Nali refer to this planet as the Sacred Eye of Gra'na.

Xanith-8 Prometheus:
Xanith-8 Prometheus, known as Xanith-8 is the mostly known Homeworld of the Necrotis. It houses all of the missing in action fighters, even native fighters. Krall, Brutes, Nali, Mercenary, Skaarj, or even Humans have become either mutated or augmented to become fighters that would look like the undead. As the Necrotis use Antidotes and Technology to destroy the natural behavior of the fighters, limbs look like they're sharp, bleeding eyes and noses but still have pupils, which would look bloodshot due to overdose of antidotes. Even most of their Body Parts would look black.
native Fighters, on the other hand, look like Humans with tusks, red eyes, Spider Legs, And Four Arms, Two Claws and Two Human Limbs. While Gladiators are much larger and have different looks.

That shall be the end of my first Place Theories and we shall come to the next theory soon.

Best Regards. :)

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