Quick Reminder IV

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Quick Reminder IV

Post by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)- » Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:26 pm

Tangent Here,

I understand that there's this mysterious feeling that I stopped making more posts, but there's a reason for it:

Since my exam week has started, I have to concentrate on my marks.

So for that I'll be temporarily unavailable until Thursday, because it's a religious day off.

Thursday, as mentioned above, will be a day off for a religious event (no need to know which, I didn't want to bring up religion on the topic).

Best Regards.
"I have become Xangent, your supreme version of Epsilon-X Antecedent Delta Tangent 083, Xelios, Morpheus, Omnitus, and Akimatus! But I was here to be a regular person of wisdom, not a wannabe of a machine!"

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