Concept of Ancient Nali Language

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Concept of Ancient Nali Language

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Heliath Here!

"We went to Na Pali, and we went to the NaGratha continent...
What we discovered in the woods of NaGratha is that there is a temple built especially for a god of the woods, or "DraNasGum."
This temple existed trillions of centuries ago before the formation of humanity.
The glyphs found in the temple must've been an early formation of the Nali language spoken today.
Hardex Glyph.png
What we can decipher from that writing is unknown if we were separate from each other, but thanks to Xelios, he provided information which is extremely accurate for the language and fits the setting needed to know more about the language called the 'Hardex' language.

He also added that the words were vaguely close to that of the Mo'gara language (current Nali Language) and was important in the industry of the languages the Nali created in their times.

And soon as the language became extinct in 21 A.D., the Nali were uprising too quickly after finishing off a fight against the Skaarj Templar, eventually becoming as one of the most powerful creatures of the universe.

After thousands of years ago, the Necrotis Xanthian creatures took their devoted time to take that language and make it their own, eventually creating new words from the existing words found in that old language.

And as we know of today, the Nali's glyphs are vaguely resembling that of the Hardex Language now...

What the message above says is:

'Grata Mansi

Kramtho zatha molres derzt kolp netix nemor khanati...

Xeromanx Spytrabvi

Vakh Mirtzix'

Which Xelios translates it as:

'Heroic Sayings

Bad times exist to create the good times so they appear in memory...

Let alone malevolence and benevolence becomes prominent

--- Vakh Mirtzix, Saint of the Na'trami'

For short words, each letter has its own secret numeral to code the letter's values, otherwise making short words have longer meanings when translated."

I hope you enjoyed my theory-like concept and I hope you liked my first font created.

Best Regards. :)

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