The Wizard pawns

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The Wizard pawns

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) » Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:01 am

They are basically finished as of now. Part of UPSXMon3 though, releasing that only once episode 1 part 2 is finished....

might only release as part of separate package if the early 1996 unreal gets released. * I've tried my best to track it down after all, even contacting german university for a guy who hosted it originally, who's no longer there and is unreachable otherwise, though two people around in Unreal reportedly still have it

And that's because that alpha might contain a different wizard skin as we have the "mask" skin but not original robe skin from that era, which was most likely different.

Meaning my package contains the modified recolored version of the regular 1995 wizard skin/robe.

However if the alpha is out, means I might put up a special package with this skin as extra as it should be...

The other worthy skin it probably has is the bigman bug-eyed skin in its original form, too.

It is worth preserving really, every different alpha or beta. Those skins were unique part of Unreal history that's not been repeated since.

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