Epsilon-X: Antecedent Tangent 083

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Epsilon-X: Antecedent Tangent 083

Post by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)- » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:30 pm

"On Earth lies the unknown clan, a clan by the name of the 'MatriX Terminator Clan,' lies well known warriors and veterans.
A squad in that clan included the following warriors:

- Gamma-G Antecedent Faith 049
- Omega-OX Antecedent Sage 204
- Alpha-AZ Antecedent Meteor 085
- Omicron-VC Antecedent Sine 932
- Epsilon-X Antecedent Tangent 083 (Me)

We were called out by Antecedent Venom 111, and he ordered us to go in a perilous journey to terminate any incoming intruders.
He wanted me to go venture throughout a planet known in a Universe no longer forgotten in the survival journey, a planet by the name of 'Gryphon-4a.'

'You shall venture into your journey with your pals, young antecedent warrior,' said our leader Antecedent Venom.
'Your orders are never to be rejected, sir Venom.' I added in.
And so we have went to our mission, but only for an outskirt made by creatures with blades, long hair, bloodshot eyes, and aggressiveness being deep down in their hearts. Yes, the Skaarj have destroyed our ship when we landed, we started a skirmish that turned into a war I won't ever forget.
'I'm under heavy attack, somebody help me terminate those parasites!' added Alpha, leading to his PGLQP-943 Plasma Gun and Lethal Quantum Particles Gun taken away, and his body being demolished into bits and pieces which led to nightmares of our fellows after the war, with Alpha dead and Gamma imprisoned with excessive torture she wouldn't handle.

I have already started a plan with my fellow antecedent warriors to stop the Skaarj from eating away inventory and lives of ours.

It shall be the time I, Epsilon-X Antecedent Tangent 083, show off my madness to the Skaarj, and hopefully get scared from us.

To be continued..."

This was a story I made up, and yes, that was the backstory of my name.
I hope you guys did enjoy this little story I made up, and I'll see you on another post!

Best Regards.

Equity is better than Equality. Tolerance is better than Intolerance. Intelligence is better than Ignorance... --- Xelios.

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