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Project Syndicate: Encounter

Post by XcytheAvenger-(DOG)- » Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:29 am

"...Hurry up, Omnitus, we're already losing control over the Akkrean area conquered by the Harbingers!"
"I'm trying, give me about 30 seconds and I'll demonstrate the strategic plan for us!"
As the alarm sounds around Outpost P3O, we had no idea the Xanithian Harbingers had already attacked most of Kampala, now called Akkreos by them...

...but then i sense this weird effect of a dream, where I don't feel like I'm in that situation and I'm already losing control of what I'm doing. "What the hell?! Is Markgow taking control or something?!"

All of a sudden I wake up from my Sleep Pod, only to realize that Outpost P3O was based around the time a mysterious squadron made by Manderley and Markgow have already attacked most of Western Kampala, Uganda...
That squadron was "Squadron 852."

I was met by Antecedent X, and he had to tell me about a mysterious faction called the "Wolfers of Wolfenstein," who are simply corrupt rebels of the Xanithian Harbingers and the Skaarj Guardians...

"Xelios! I have researched about this trace of Eta's destroyed Fighter's origins! It seems that we've taken advantage of the resources found beyond those traces! The Wolfers of Wolfenstein were the ones who accidentally assumed our antecedent warrior's fighter as a Harbinger Interceptor!" Said Antecedent X.

Heliath began talking afterwards: "Hold on now... the issue of Squadron 852 is severe and now the mystery of Eta's Fighter Craft has been decoded... then who are our genuine enemies?!"

"Relax, Heliath, I'm sure the Wolfers are our allies if I think so..." I replied.

As Manderley and Markgow began their plans on attacking a Liandri Headquarters in southwestern Mozambique, they were interrupted by a Necrotis Mercenary; Krithixin Vakhillis.

He reported about the Wolfers' surprise attack: "Our Majesties, we've been attacked by our nemeses consisting of our rebels, founded by a man of German, Italian, and Egyptian Ethnicities; Hans Joseph."

"Gosh Darn it! Another hostile activity consisting of rebels?! When does this chaos end?!" Shouted Gregory.

"We don't know, our majesty, we might have no more resources to build this secret weapon of ours... the Kirchekix Ezini Cannon... but we can strive in Akkreos to find more resources." replied Krithixin.

"And did you think we have enough time to go to Kampala for another 'Operation: Congregate?!' No way in hell would we get there as soon as possible! We have to send in reinforcements at our warzone and then we could continue our briefing to demolish this Outpost... Outpost K3O." Replied Manderley.

"Your orders shall be followed by our Xanithian faith, our majesty." Replied Krithixin.

"Could you stop acting so medieval-ish, please?" replied a soldier of Markgow's relatives.

"One of our majesties' warriors, I shall not stop my way of replying to praised people with our way of respect, not that you ever wondered why do we talk as if we're in the Janithir Era. If you have concerns of me keeping quiet with my respect, then you shall ask yourself first of how to respect other species..." replied Krithixin, and proceeds to dismiss in order to send reinforcements to the northeastern zone of the outpost.

"Di... did Krithixin just assaulted you for your behavior, Graham?!" Manderley spoke with an astonished tone.

Graham was also looking shocked because he didn't even reply to the Xanithian Harbinger's fascinating skill of communication to someone who found out that they made a mistake talking to a species of higher authority.

Back in Outpost K3O, we heard an acknowledgement beep sound the room we were in (the briefing room), and Xorpheus accepted the entrance to the participant, by which we were met with this flag:
Wolfers of Wolfenstein.png

"Oh, welcome, Mr. Hans K. Joseph, we are more than pleased with your presence, sir." Spoke Xelios.

"Hello, you must be Xelios, yes?" Replied Hans.

"Yes, sir, I am Xelios, an A.I. known to merge with Seifeldeen, or Epsilon respectively." Replied Xelios.

"Ah, I can sight this logo... we're pretty familiarized, is that Wolfenstein?" Asked Xakimatan.

"Yes, it's the symbol of authority, as I call it for the current moment." Acknowledged Hans.

"But doesn't this symbol have any relations with the 'Wölfe von Jakenz' colony which existed back in the Second World War?" Asked Xomnitan.

"It used to, Xomnitan, when the Jakenz colony existed between the borders of Czechoslovakia and Germany, at the Tuplice district. A castle named "Wolfenstein" existed to keep munitions and briefings secure, much like the Qaitbay Citadel, respectively built by old Sultans of Egypt to keep munitions.
But believe me: Frasier, who is actually Mr.Dalton's great grandfather, was a man of tyrant behavior...
He was rather torturing people regardless of nationality, even if allies, when they tell him that his creations were a disgrace to the world.
I hated how Frasier used to torment people just for their hatred towards the Jakenz's secret weaponry, as he even misunderstood the symbol as a symbol for Wolfenstein's true power..."

A Liandri Guardian spoke: "Ah, so that's why I've heard the Wolfers talk about that they wanted to 'dissolve' the word 'Jakenz' for that matter. Not the same way Galarigan dissolved the word of 'Sky Demons' in a certain way."

No wonder that the encounter of the Wolfers surprised the Harbingers and the Guardians. that even the Skaarj weren't ready for their rebels to attack them from an unexpected spot.

Until then and only then would we move from our Outpost to Akkreos to solve the problem...

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