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Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:02 pm
by makemeunreal

Developer: Molnár "makemeunreal" Balázs
Status: WIP ~86%
Game/Gametpe: Unreal Tournament/Deathmatch

Carbonium started as an "educational" map. The very base of the map was build by a friend of mine who I was teaching. He was sitting right next to me, and did what I said.
It was the most succesful method and the only I taught somebody from this close distance.
Known problems of the map can be originated by the fact that this map started as a simple show-off.

2017.12.19 /RELEASE CANDIDATE 1/

I decided upon this early release for one and only fact. I could use some feedback. I'm not even sure if it has the potential of a deathmatch map.
The overral look is pretty colorful and brights, but I'm kinda satisfied with it.
A few people betatested it and they reported very bright lights which problem is not present with my render D3D9. Made the lights darker tho.
Another flaw was the speed of the lavafalls. Made almost every betatester seasick. Reduced it.
No more words from me. Now it's your turn.
Constructive criticism is more than welcomed this time, but keep it easy.
Few things I'd like to keep for sure:
-The ammount of plants/vegetation.
-Rotating pickups. Every pickup rotates. It's the first map I used rotating pickups on.
-Changed some of the sounds pickups make when picked up.

Dropbox #1: ...

Re: DM-Carbonium

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:54 pm
by makemeunreal
Updated the first post with better description, download link, and new pics.

Release Candidate 1 is out! See more there.