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Beta Nali Fruit

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 12:19 pm
by makemeunreal
A new Nali Fruit pickup with the beta skin (found on the healthpack texture) applied.

I had to build the texture up from scratch using Photoshop.


Re: Beta Nali Fruit

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:43 am
by Leo(T.C.K.)
Sorry to reply to such an old topic but I wanted to clear a misunderstanding here. That texture on the health skin other half never belonged to the nali fruit in the first place. Just like the second half of the Clip ammo skin wasn't for an item either, it was for decoration. They seemed to do that a lot with the old skins originally to save space even though it was duplicated in later versions obviously.

The Clip other skin fits for the sconce decoration and was the orignal model (if we had the early 1996 demos/betas you would see it in action bt we don't so all we are left with is mods that use it) skin instead of the gold texture later on.

And with health the other half also belonged to a decoration, decoration called "branch" that was in the 1997 sources. It didn't have healing abilities and was simply a decoration meant to be used in the full game (but not compiled for the beta demos despite being there otherwise). In fact this decoration still dates back to 1996. It was obviously meant to be used together with some main tree brush so that mappers would just have to place/position the branches on it.

Yes the leaves are somewhat similar to nalifruit and obviously they took inspiration from that but otherwise it was never meant originally for the nalifruit itself (and the fruit part was lacking altogether so you only have texture for the leaf and branch, the wood).