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Re: Installing open GL and 227.

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:15 am
by Minus
I used to run Cookies opengl patch with 225 but I do believe now it is obsolete.
Besides,227 is,in my opinion the only way to go with unreal these days.Just MO. ;)

Re: Installing open GL and 227.

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:13 am
by £éè£å-(DOG)-
Hiya :)

Yes I know, that 227 is very important today. I already use 227h for my game mainly, but I still can run 226f too if necessary. I've made a combinated 226/227 install, both use the same files and folders, but I still can run each separately.
I use 225 for the work on maps. In some special cases I also use Ued 2.1, but if possible I do all work with the 225 editor. The advantage is, that I can test things on a server by only copy a working map to my game folder, 225 also acts as the testserver.
I make a change, for example adjust some mover settings, save it, copy it and test it. Often I've to do it many times until it works proper. Of course I also start the map right out of the editor for a first check in SP.
If I would only work with Ued2.1 I would have to convert the map back to 225 each time I want to test something and this would take much more time. (Maps saved with Ued2.1 cannot run on a 225 server without converting it first.)

Running a map right from within the editor is a way for me for fast checking things before saving a map for a server test. But my 225 only runs in software mode which is bad for working on lights for example. It would safe me alot of time and work if I could run 225 with OpenGL or D3D.
Currently when I work with lights I must save the map after each little change and start it with my game to see the correct result, but if my 225 would work with OpenGL (or D3D) I could check things at once from within the editor.
Ok, this may sound a bit confusing :? :lol: , but maybe you can imagine what I mean. ;)

Before I lost my old system last year I could use the glidewrapper which worked great, but now I'm completely on ATI and it seems ATI simply doesn't like the wrapper. Thats why I'm trying to make 225 run with OpenGL or D3D.

Re: Installing open GL and 227.

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:19 pm
by Minus
Let me ask Tray about this because he had the same trouble and had a solution.I'll let you know! ;)