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Uteam 10

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This is from Wolf's manual.

Since version 10 (Press F1 to see the scoreboard, then look for a red box in the lower right corner to see what version is running on the server you play on) UTF comes along with a new set of menues.

To access them, you normally have to press your normal menu-key executing the command ShowMenu. In most cases, that is the ESCape key, but GOLD users as well as Unreal Tournament players will not see the UTF menu this way. GOLD and UT users must bind a new key to "ShowMenu", one which is not ESC - note: hitting tab and TYPING "ShowMenu" will bring up the menu, but make it impossible to use. You MUST bind a key!!

If you don't know how to do raw keybindings, do the following: enter the game, hit TAB and TYPE this exactly as given:
set input m showmenu

From now on you can use the M letter to access the menu. If you don't like "M", pick any other key, assigning letters is just easiest this way.
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