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Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:34 pm
by VooDoo-(DOG)-

DATE: 29th of July to 13th of August 2017 - SinglePlayer Contest
DATE: 29th of July to 13th of August 2017 - Coop Contest

Hello and best wishes to all Unreal players!

NEWBIESPLAYGROUND has again organised its special SinglePlayer and Coop Contest for 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to invite all players to participate in this contest. Like last year, the SinglePlayer and Coop event will be seperate and players are encouraged to participate in both events.

The following maps will be used:

SinglePlayer Contest

  • Dark (Dark Arena)
  • Noork (Noork's Elbow)
  • Skybase (Outpost 3J)
  • NaliC (Nali Castle)

Coop Contest

  • L97Soledad_Yoe16 (Spawning Pools of Droth)
  • Terraniux
  • MPDuskfalls (Edge of Na Pali)
  • MPEldora (The Eldora Well)
  • MPCrashsite1 (UMS Prometheus)
  • MPSpireland (Spire Valley)
  • MPNagomi (Nagomi Passage)
  • MPFoundry (Foundry Tarydium Plant)
  • MPAbyss (Gala's Peak)

There a few minor updates to the rules, compared to last year (most notably the new GiantGasbag implementation) and we encourage all players to read the rules section to acquaint themselves fully with the rules.

Servers are available for online practice now, prior to the start of the contest on July 29th.

For all the detailed information and scoreboard, see: UNREAL CONTEST 2017


Re: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Unreal Contest 2017

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:32 am
by Nikola-(DOG)-
Wooow! :star: :star:
So we got to the final decisions. Great. Thank you VooDoo&Masterkent for your work.

Re: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Unreal Contest 2017

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:36 pm
by VooDoo-(DOG)-
The Newbiesplayground Contest 2017 is now over!

Thanks to all the players that took part, whether you did an actual StartMatch or just popped in to do a Trialmatch, to see what was involved. Many people practised the SP event, but I know 2 of them didn't get to do their actual run due to RL issues.

Congratulations to Masterkent and his excellent winning score of 98 with a time of 19 minutes 55 seconds! Well done, getting under 20 minutes is - well - pretty awesome! He has also provided a video of an even faster LAN run that he did and that can be found below :-

[BBvideo=560,315] ... e1&index=4[/BBvideo]

Congratulations also to the the La Seleccion Confederada team, comprising of ||={·E·}=||TommY | , |>>|·(E)·|<<|LuC4$O! | and |=(>>-E-<<)=|ThErIs. They managed to complete the 9 maps without loss of life, in a time of 54 minutes 30 seconds, which is impressive to do it in less than an hour! Well done guys!

A few special thanks to BBG-(DOG)-, Smirftsch, AndréRhineDavis, Javix-(DOG)-, Rubie and RubiconJunior-(DOG)- and lastly the biggest thanks to strategy-(DOG)-, WOOF!

Look out next year for a different type of Event! Many people have some new ideas for what will be the 20th Anniversary of Unreal!