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Creature Theories Part I

Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:32 am
by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)-
Epsilon Here!

Now I've theorized about the Creatures, and I have split the groups into two: Majority and Minority.
I will perhaps make two Majorities and two Minorities in each Part until I have no more.

Let's do it...


The Skaarj are the main antagonists of Unreal, and the most encountered since they invaded the whole planet of Gryphon 4-A "Na Pali."
The Skaarj are the strongest creatures Prisoner 849 has encountered throughout their trip to escaping Na Pali.
Before the events of Unreal, the Skaarj have dominated more than 12,000 colonies against them, inside and outside the Gamma Galaxy... but there were creatures who have planned a surprise attack on the Skaarj, causing them to lose power, but the Skaarj didn't give up through the "Skaarj-Strider War" which lasted 8 years. After the loss of many honored Skaarj, they had to go to another planet to invade and become stronger, only ending up onto a planet with innocent four armed creatures; the Nali. And since then they had to torture some of the Nali population, and kept the rest for working on mines, and that led to the Skaarj Power Uprising.
After the Queen and Warlord were killed, the Skaarj population began to decrease in jeopardy (Return to Na Pali).
They eat Nali Flesh, and feed on Purple fluid, called Raja'kzar.

The Nali are an innocent race, with four arms, Green eyes, and unique beliefs throughout Unreal.
After the invasion of the Skaarj that led them to their uprising, the Nali began to pray to their Gods and Godesses, with three known Gods and Godesses: Chizra, the Water-God. Vandora, the Lightning-Goddess. and Velora, the Wisdom-Goddess.
The Nali are known for farming, since they have Cows, and are known for helping other creatures that do no harm to them.
After their prayers, they thought about a "messiah" coming to rescue them. After the Skaarj population decrease, a group of Nali rebels have collected Skaarj weapons, along with making their own, leading to a group named the "Vandora's Fist of Lightning."
The Nali also fish for Devilfish, since they're edible, and act like Earth's fishes.


Titans and Stone Titans:
Titans, referred to as "Guardians" by the Nali, are highly aggressive colossal titans, when they attack their prey, they either make Earthquakes by their gigantic hands, or use boulders produced on the Titan's liver. The Titan's minds actually look to the humans as "friendly" but since the Gods and Goddesses of the Nali take further control of the Titans as a challenge to them, they are enemies to the humans (as well as other creatures for sure).
The Titans eat Nali Flesh, since on Unreal's Dark Arena, triggering the switch that has four hanged Nali in them would open the doors to encounter the Titan. But Unreal doesn't show that the Titans do eat Nali flesh.

The tentacles are very obnoxious creatures of Unreal, along with Razorflies. Tentacles are usually found in abandoned or old places, such as Mines and Temples. The Tentacle's Tailbone produces unlimited stingers that the Tentacles shoot with their long tentacle. Tentacles usually bob up and down while they move, and how do they move is when the Tentacle's Upper Muscles contract and relax to make motion to move, but they move a bit slowly.
Tentacles eat thrown creature giblets with their venoms, their two small tentacles.

That's it for my first Creatures Theory, and I'll make sure to make another one, as well as a third Weapons Theory, and making an Item theory, so stay tuned!

Best Regards. :)

Re: Creature Theories Part I

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:40 pm
by Leo(T.C.K.)
There is actually at least a fourth Nali god if not more. The Nali Fire God known as Acerak.

There was a plan once having a standalone unreal pack having this map in. It was one of the cut maps from Unreal and is actually the map that was acessible through fhub4 (that big temple at the lake), from all the information we have. Unfortunately the teleporter wasn't there and so wasn't the map in the big beta leak.

We only know it from previews. Trailers/screenshots and description by Myscha the sled dog.

However there is a remake in the works that might get released shortly.

Re: Creature Theories Part I

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:53 pm
by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)-
Ah nice! I didn't know that the Nali had a fourth God, Acerak!
I'm very interested in the remake, and I'm sure I'll see it soon.