[SPECIAL] Character Theories Part III

Theories related to UNREAL, e.g. characters, items, weapons, places,...
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[SPECIAL] Character Theories Part III

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Epsilon Here!

I made a special Character Theories to honor someone special, the main character here, who is: Prisoner 849.
Many questions ask "Who are they? What were their purposes? And why were they imprisoned?"
My theory here would answer these questions, but obviously for Epic Games it's vague, but at least there is something interesting lying around everywhere.

Let's do it...

Gina Hazard Robert, Prisoner 849:
Gina Hazard Robert, known as Prisoner 849, was one of the famous Prisoners for the following: She was the player of Unreal.
Arrested by the Unified Military Services for stealing Inuit Corporation's planned ship's blueprints which costed 64,000 credits (information for that was on Unreal Bible), she got to stay on UMS 254 Vortex Rikers, which later crash-landed on Gryphon 4-a due to the Tarydium Gravitational Pull of the Planet, which interfered with both the Metal and the Radio Station in the Rikers. With no one surviving the crash, Gina had to find her way of escaping the ship by the vent after taking the T-8 Dispersion Energy Blaster.
As she went on with her journey and escaping Na Pali after the death of the Skaarj Monarch, the Queen, the Unified Military Services took her for a mission, only to realize that she got betrayed by the Unified Military Services, and as she escaped again from Na Pali, she went on to the Red Moon of the Krall Post Homeworld. She found a group of prisoners who survived another crashed ship this time from the Atlas Corporation. It was the APS-Velcrom.
And as the APS-Velcrom Crashed, Atlas Corporation is still in the status of searching of the ship, along with UMS Prisoner 849, Gina.
The "Prisoner Renegation Faction of the Gamma Galaxy," a Faction made by the Atlas Prisoners, along with their leader, the UMS Prisoner 849, Gina.
Currently, Gina is now 53 years old, and has been famous all around the world for her Renegation Uprising.
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Re: [SPECIAL] Character Theories Part III

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

Okay so you know the backstory of the Inuit. This wasn't in Unreal Bible but instead Unreal story so far/unreal levels which come from different time period than the earlier unreal bible, but yea.

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