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War Theories Part I

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:54 pm
by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)-
Epsilon-X Antecedent Tangent 083 Speaks!

Welcome to my new War Theories series, where you can receive the following information:
- The Factions
- Location of War
- Results and Outcome
- Reason of War
- Date of War
- Plans vs Results

Beware though, some Wars may NOT have relation with the Unreal Canon, but just for fun. Again this is a theory, so no more than those words can fill in the description.

During Prisoner 849's escape from Na Pali and her work with the UMS, there are wars that have affected a lot in Unreal.
Corporations were gaining and losing power and control from other creatures, such as Skaarj, Mercenaries, Necrotis, and more.

Operation Ha''ghyqerkth

- Factions: Liandri Corporation vs Khiroz Clan
- Location: Fro'khaxa, Ha''ghyqerkth, Coastal Xanith-8
- Reason(s): Preventing the Khiroz Clan from going outside to rendezvous with the Skaarj J'rekhaarath Colony.
- Date: 4/9/2198 (Between Unreal and Return to Na Pali)
- Result(s): Liandri Corporation Victory
Khiroz Clan Retreating back for medical treatment
Liandri Confirms Helping the Nali Warriors fight with them
+ Liandri Planned with another unknown faction to help them fight off the Khiroz Clan, they would go with light tanks and APCs at first to go through the middle of the Fro'khaxa Desert, and go shoot off some Khiroz Necrotis.

+ Khiroz Planned with the Liandri Rebels to start a Blitzkrieg on the Fro'khaxa Desert, using Medium Tier Fighters to drop Methane Bombs and to retreat.

Result: Khiroz's Plan succeeded since they were smarter than Liandri for their War skills.

+ Liandri went to use their Medium Tanks to flank both sides on the closest way to getting to the Khiroz Outpost, Outpost Grathoz. And the unidentified faction went on with using Heavy Tier Bombers and Medium Tier Fighters.

+ Khiroz Used Heavy Tier Fighters and Bombers and used Heavy Tanks to flank Liandri and the unidentified faction.

Result: Due to Liandri's Strategy, it succeeded.

+ Liandri's Marines went to invade as a large horde to attack the base of the Khiroz Clan.

+ Khiroz Warriors (Necrotis) had a strategy, each Warrior group will defend whilst the other fights, and then when the other offense group gets back, the defense group changes their objective to offense, and so forth.

Result: Khiroz's strategy succeeded terrifically.

FINAL RESULT: Liandri's Medium Tier Fighters and Heavy Tier Bombers both destroyed the minor base of the Khiroz Clan with the help of the unidentified corporation. Ha''ghyqerkth became Liandri's occupied area for mining, with the Nali Warriors supporting them NOT in mining.

Operation Coastal Amdekhx

- Factions: Liandri Military and Alpha Corporation vs Khiroz Pirates and Skaarj Patrollers
- Location: North Eastern Mkhenres, Amdekhx, Eastern Xanith-8
- Reason(s): Khiroz Pirates' Leader "Jerzakhon" wanted to stop Liandri from funding the minerals they found with Alpha so that they could retrieve their ores again.
- Date: 13/9/2198 to 26/9/2198 (Between Unreal and Return to Na Pali)
- Result(s): Khiroz Pirates' Victory
Liandri and Alpha failed to fund in the minerals to each other
Liandri's minor downfall started the uprising
+ Liandri started off with using Medium Tier Hover-BattleShips and shot Uranium Plasma Rounds to take down the Khiroz Pirates' Medium Tier Hover-BattleShips.

+ Khiroz Pirates, on the other hand, used invisible Heavy Tier Hover-BattleShips and shot Alu-Uranium Plasma Rounds (Aluminun and Uranium Plasma) that destroyed (almost) all of the Hover-BattleShips of Liandri

++ Unexpectedly, Alpha used their Colony of Medium-Tier Battleships to destroy all units of the Khiroz Medium-Tier Hover-BattleShips.

Result: It was a successful act for both Liandri and Alpha, but unfortunately since Khiroz went with an unknown strategy, it has become a failure to Liandri and Alpha.

+ Liandri proceeded to shoot down Heavy Tier Bombers of the Khiroz Navy with their Anti-Aircraft Guns shooting Plutonium Plasma.

+ Jerzakhon ordered the Khiroz Pirates to split into two groups, offense and defense, and each time their bombers get destroyed, they go for Air Force Defense whenever their Bombers are decreasing in jeopardy, with Air Force Offense to take down the Plutonium Cannons.

Result: Jerzakhon's plan succeeded with no mistakes done.

FINAL RESULT: The Khiroz Pirates successfully defeated the Liandri and Alpha flawlessly, leading to the minerals occupied by Jerzakhon.

That shall be the end of my first War Theories, and map images may be provided soon.

(It took about 3 days until I get to finish them all, so don't blame me because of the timing, and remember that patience is key).

Best Regards. :)


Re: War Theories Part I

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:49 pm
by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)-
Tangent is Here again!

I provided drawings of the wars taken place in Xanith-8 and it's not exactly the drawing I expected, but that's a quick preview.

Ha''ghyqerkth and War Location.png

Coastal Amdekhx and War Location.png

Xanith-8, due to its dual hot cores and pressure pushing in the continents, looks like a desert planet, when there's actually no sand except for specific areas in some continents.

War maps in more details would be coming up next.

Best Regards. :)


Re: War Theories Part I

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:42 pm
by VooDoo-(DOG)-
Wow Epsilon, that's a lot of effort you put in there! Very interesting indeed. :)
This will require a 2nd read-through to get the information arranged in my head.
Great drawings by the way; it is nice to get a visual representation of the scene also.

Epsilon-X-(DOG)- wrote:
Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:54 pm
Beware though, some Wars may NOT have relation with the Unreal Canon, but just for fun.

Absolutely, that's the part I enjoy most to be honest, the parts that are not necessarily canonical. I personally like all this conjecture! What is life without mystery? :D

I am looking into the idea of actually hosting your Theories on an actual site (free one of course), so instead of having the information as offline HTML, there will be a direct link to an actual site that hosts your Theories. The information is there already to be uploaded, so it seems like a reasonable plan, with your agreement of course.


Re: War Theories Part I

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:05 pm
by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)-
Tangent Replies!

Hmm... the idea is reasonable and could save time instead of going through a chaos of all of that, y'know?

Best Regards. :)


Re: War Theories Part I

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:28 pm
by VooDoo-(DOG)-
VooDoo-(DOG)- here!

I am just updating the HTML Epsilon and just wondered about this :

Operation Ha''ghyqerkth or Operation Ha'ghyqerkth ?

Did you want the double quotation mark or the single quotation mark in the above? Using the single quotation mark implies the contraction of a word as per a lot of Nali names etc. I know it's only a small point but I thought I would ask before posting the updated HTML tomorrow.

As there are only 2 War Theories at the moment, I didn't do a menu at the top at the moment for this section. But if this changes, I will then create a menu at the top, as per the other Theory sections.


Re: War Theories Part I

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:48 am
by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)-
Tangent Here!

About the name of the continent, I prefer the name Ha''ghyqerkth because the G in the name is based around my Arabic Letter (غ) or Ghayn, which makes a sound using the voiced velar plosive. With the two quotes not resembling a split between the name

VooDoo-(DOG)- wrote:
Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:28 pm
As there are only 2 War Theories at the moment, I didn't do a menu at the top at the moment for this section. But if this changes, I will then create a menu at the top, as per the other Theory sections.

Sure, take your time though. No need to be in a rush.

Best Regards. :)


Re: War Theories Part I

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:21 pm
by VooDoo-(DOG)-
VooDoo-(DOG)- here!

Ok I added in Item Theories Part V, Vehicle Theories Part I and War Theories Part I.

Let me know if you like the layout of the Vehicle and War pages. These were slightly different to other Theories to HTMLise due to the slightly different arrangement of content, so I can move any images around if you would prefer them spread differently through the text/paragraphs or change any formatiing if required. Eventually it would be a nice idea if most images were thumbnails and opened up to a much larger image, but that is for later. For now it's good to get the basic information down.

The Secret Information of

When term-time is over, I will do the dropdown menu thing so all links are acessible at all times from any page, but until then - enjoy!

It's good fun doing this, good practice for me with HTML and CSS and I actually learn a little more about Unreal along the way (whether it's canonical or non-canonical), so happy days!