Character Theories Part V

Theories related to UNREAL, e.g. characters, items, weapons, places,...
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Character Theories Part V

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Epsilon Here!

I'm back with more theories that have come in mind, and I have decided that I would choose Character Theories for this time. A Special Weapon Theories might come up next, that involves the Prototype Unreal Weapons (Such as the Betamag, the Stunner, the Impaler, and more weapons).

Let's start...

Katryn J. Somers:
Katryn Character Theory.png
Katryn Jacob Somers is a Russian-American officer and the Commander-in-Chief of the OSSV-Trackdown, she was a former police officer for the Liandri Corporation for only 3 years before taking the job as a Commander-in-Chief for the Omega Storm. Rumored to be one of Kira Gregory Argmanov's children, she speaks Russian fluently (Her mother tongue was English until Mirna taught Kira how to speak Russian), and luckily enough her job deals with the language. She is also married to a Norwegian-American Space Marine of the UMS, Krige.

She was also responsible for letting her step-brother, Dregor, enter the Omega Storm Corporation as a scientist after introducing him to the corporation. From there they both were praised after finding out what secrets Nagomi Passage holds, both Scientifically and Historically.

Kristoph Barnes:
Kristoph Character Theory.png
Kristoph Barnes was a Dutch-American Officer in the Vortex Rikers. He was known for being the captain of the Prison Vessel and was the first Officer to hold the AFP-53 Automatic Firing Pistol in the ship. He went through different planets, examples include the planet where the "Ellenus Saturion X" meteor might originate from, Ellinius-7. Where he found some of Atlas's prisoners, it was rumored that Jonas Gerschwin was one of the prisoners, known for being the man responsible for the murder of the Inuit members of the ISV-Steilon. Kristoph decided to shoot him in the arm, and Jonas fainted due to his bones' weird connection with his nerves, an unusual permanent disease that stayed with him when he was a 24 year old scientist at the Izanagi Corporation after an experiment failure that affected his life.
And then when back down to Earth, he heard of Gina's attempt of stealing a blueprint of a starship that was $65,000. It was only a week for Gina until the Rikers just crash-landed on Na Pali. Gina escaped just after Kristoph died, his body was then found beside the village, holding what seems to be his brother's log. When the Skaarj Warrior, Kre'vaej, found Gina after molesting a whole bunch of crew members of the Prison Vessel, he escaped and found Kristoph, who was heavily fractured from the hip, left side. Asking for Earth's location, Kre'vaej was given the reply "It's in your eternal flames, bastard!" and stabbed Kristoph.

Krige Dylan:
Krige Character Theory.png
Krige Dylan - who seems to be the grandson of his great grandfather and veteran Elijah Joseph Dylan - is a Norwegian-American UMS Space Marine who is the first one to go with a bionic suit during the battle after Operation: Fire Storm Engaged. He is known to be the husband of Katryn Somers and goes in the same spaceship as her own (OSSV-Trackdown). During Fire Storm Engaged, Krige was very close to the heavily infiltrated bridge, where Fire Storm was supposed to Engage at that specific part of the ship (OSSV-Jackal) in order to keep the ship safe from the Necro-Skaarj (Necrotis Infected Skaarj) and the Skaarj themselves. The ship was close to Xanith-8 Prometheus and intended to research about the ship. The Skaarj tried to attack him, but he managed to obliterate them, only two or three caused major injuries to Krige. The ship exploded as most of Fire Storm went to the dropships. The Bridge was drifitng in space, and Krige was giving off distress signals. One of the dropships received the signal and went off to navigate space in order to find Krige. After being found, Krige was sent to the ISV-Niktov for further healing, they've given him a bionic suit (Same as that of Bane's suit). After the battles, he was given the rank of Brigadier for his dedication of battle. The blue markings on his face indicate that he was one of the messiahs of Na Pali.

I hope this theory has been fun to read! I will go for the Special Theory soon, so stay tuned!

Best Regards. :)

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