Character Theories Part IV

Theories related to UNREAL, e.g. characters, items, weapons, places,...
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Character Theories Part IV

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

Xangent here!

I have decided to bring back an old root that I could continue making a theory of... Character Theories.

Let's do it!

Raquel G. Argmanov [Raquel]:
Raquel Character Theory.png
Raquel G. Argmanov, the twin and older sister of Kira G. Argmanov, is a Russian-American scientist, ex-military, and the current second chief of Inuit Corporation responsible for the launch of the ISV-Kran program.
She went to the same school her sister graduated in, and became a secretary for the newly formed Omega Storm Corporation, but retired from that industry at the age of 25.
During her sister's time as a pilot for Inuit Corporation, she served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Atlas Military, and from there she experienced the most atrocious battles she fought against the Necrotis, the Skaarj, and the Mercenaries.
One of the operations she participated in - Operation Fire Storm Engaged - had to deal with a Skaarj Praetorian that tortured her husband and was kept as a prisoner (luckily he was saved by a Division Squad of the Atlas Military), and from there she kept her finger on the trigger, aggressively firing her Combat Assault Rifle onto the Skaarj Lord and the three Praetorians responsible for the torture.

After her retirement from the Military at the age of 36, she was suffering from trauma due to her witness upon her husband and how he got tortured badly. She had to go to inuit Corporation in order to study science but to also go for neurological care.

And as she was cured from that trauma, she decided to carefully lead Inuit into the bright path of success, and she did, being the official second chief of the Corporation.

Ash Christian Sandman [Ash]:
Ash Character Theory.png
Ash Sandman was one of the widely known guards who were admired for their talents, and how well are they doing on their job.
As a guard, he was known for dealing with criminals who are much bigger than him, but he didn't give up on how big they are, because he knew what was he doing exactly and who is he dealing with.
Before becoming a guard, he was simply a police officer for Izanagi Corporation, but left on the second month of his career due to some problems with the service, such as:

- Poor Food Quality
- Salary too low
- Equipment either damaged or incorrectly given

The cigar that was always on Ash's mouth was a medical cigar due to an encounter with food poisoning given by his best friend who later became a criminal and betrayed him, and she was then arrested.
The chemical found in Ash's food was close to mutagenic, but he was sent to the Emergency Room.

After signing up for the Unified Military Services, he was much comfortable with the service and the system of being a guard.
It was his only opportunity of being a guard for 16 years until the Vortex Rikers had just crashed...
The last transmission recorded on Prison Cells A1 through C3 had him talking to Gina (Prisoner 849 in Character Theories), and was smirking on her face since she was convincing him to open the gates as the ship was being pulled into Gryphon 4-a.
It was since then the beginning of a Prisoner who later became famous, and just walked over his dead body.

His Back was snapped after a hard landing due to one of the corners of the walls of the lift.

Dregor H. Karlos [Dregor]:
Dregor Character Theory.png
Dregor H. Karlos, one of Bane's brothers, is an American Omega Storm Scientist of German ethnicity. At the age of 22 he joined the Liandri Military as a Heavy Weapons Soldier, using a wide arsenal of Gatling Guns, Rocket Launchers, Explosives, and more weaponry (Biological Weaponry included).
During his service, he was known for loving science a lot and was usually knowing what caused each mutation to the medics, despite that his occupation in the military was a heavy weapons soldier.
Later after 12 years of service, he immediately signed for Omega Storm and became a widely known scientist in less than two years.
He was also responsible for capturing a Mercenary Cruiser and trained his soldiers in a Deck that mainly powers the Ship through acid; Deck 16.

Despite that Deck 16 is an Acid Refinery Station, it was also powering up the ship through the use of Acid Fuel and the Tarydium-Powered Electric Bolt found on the main hallway that has acid pool.

Now, Dregor has been widely known for being the Omega Storm employee of the year...

This has been a theory I enjoyed typing so much, and I hope you will enjoy it too!

Best Regards. :)

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