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Sickpuppy's -(DOG)-house server

Post by VooDoo-(DOG)- »


As many of you undoubtedly already know, there has been a long-standing tradition of playing the Deathmatch and King of the Hill gametypes at Newbiesplayground, particularly King of the Hill, which is OldSparky-(DOG)-'s favourite Unreal pursuit.

With this in mind, we thought it was time to take a look at Sickpuppy's DogHouse K.O.T.H. server to make some adjustments, enhancements and additions.

The vast majority of work for this was done by Nikola-(DOG)- and she can't be thanked enough for her efforts and dedication to this project and indeed the game as a whole.

Below is a summary of the modifications so far.


Pathing has been added to nearly 40 maps that required more extensive navigation points for the bots.
The 2 bots on the server, OldSparky-(DOG)- and Sickpuppy-(DOG)- occasionally got stuck in certain areas, or tried to fire through walls at the opposition and sometimes ended up killing themselves in the process. This is now fixed for all those maps which did not have adequate navigation points for the bots to use.


Several maps were without an adequate amount of ammo for sensible gameplay and this is now fixed for those maps.


Some maps were without music and this has now been added for any map without music. We know that some people play KOTH without music for better concentration and immersion, but maps without music at all seem too quiet for those of us who like to frag and tap the feet at the same time!


Some maps without skyboxes have had a skybox imported and some of skyboxes have been fixed also.


Low-gravity zones have been altered on a couple of maps to improve gameplay.
Some minor textures changes have been made to improve visuals on some maps.
A few movers have been optimised that were previously problematic.

In addition to all the above and seperate from her own recent and unique DM/KOTH maps, she has also created excellent edits of two of 3dtray-(DOG)-'s older maps, namely :-


A more comprehensive list of Nikola's optimisations and modifications for the maps can be found below on the :-

Sickpuppy server map list

Although it is somewhat true nowadays that there is probably more people playing Coop, it is time to rekindle the highly entertaining and fast-paced gametype which is King of the Hill! Sure, you're going to die a lot if you're new to King of the Hill but that's just part of the fun. So join us on Sickpuppy's DogHouse server where everyone is welcome and there is much entertainment to be had. Who knows, it might just become your favourite new gametype - it certainly did for me!

"Frag one for SickPuppy-(DOG)-"

"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Re: Sickpuppy's -(DOG)-house server

Post by AndréRhineDavis-(DOG)- »

Great work Nikola :)
Thank you to both you and VooDoo for everything you do for Newbies and the Unreal community :)
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Re: Sickpuppy's -(DOG)-house server

Post by strategy-(DOG)- »

yes!! :Drogar-BigGrin:
great work and a huge thank you for your effort goes to VooDoo-(DOG)- and Nikola-(DOG)- for all the improvements, fixes and mapselection on SICKPUPPY'S DOGHOUSE!
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