Concept Idea for Compiling All Theories with Updated Information.

Theories related to UNREAL, e.g. characters, items, weapons, places,...
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Concept Idea for Compiling All Theories with Updated Information.

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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!
I hope every one of you has a great day! (Or night, like in my case here!)

I wanted to talk about something pertaining to, or involving, my theories. I haven't worked on them since last year. Pretty large gap, I'm aware, but it was due to two constraints: running out of ideas at the time I was writing my theories, and personal issues with school (and I mean it in the sense of actually being dedicated to my studies, but now I go to university, so even more workload!). So, instead of writing new theories to compile a large collection of posts revolving around those theories, I was thinking about making a large PDF file (or a website) that would contain many of the theories I have written in the past years I played Unreal (and still do, just not as frequent as before). However, as I begin to understand the lore of Unreal and Unreal Tournament (thanks to the Unreal Fandom Wiki), I am actually willing to change many aspects of my theories to satisfy my wants and needs for the lore accuracy of the games. Multiple aspects, involving the idea of the Xanith creation and the erroneous understanding of Liandri Mining Corporation (not Military, even though the organization does have its own force funded by the NEG, and perhaps the Liandri Angels are an example of such force), will be discarded because they were rather off-topic, and while I do know and understand that they did twist the factors that made Unreal unique with theoretical views, they deserve to be in their place because these were mostly filler to accumulate the attention on the topic I emphasize on, be it Vehicles or Creatures. War Theories will also be disregarded since they were way off of Unreal's league.

The database (or the PDF file/website) that would include all the theories is yet to be named, but I was thinking of giving it the name of "Unreal: The SerpentineStorm Intelligence Log and Collection." This file would have hyperlinks that would direct the user to any topic of their choosing, with subtopics to click on to make it easier for the user to read about my views on the specified asset the game encompasses in its levels. In addition, any new theories brought upon will immediately be added to the file, without having to be a post in the sub-thread of the General Posts threads. Older theories will be rewritten fresh from the start to the end in order to have every content be lore-reliable and reasonably connected. For instance, the Health Pickup theory was poorly written, but this time it will have a revamp, as would the other inventory (and basically anything else). Weapons will have their own background, with their functions put aside for a different note (I won't discard them, just that I will have them mixed in my writing in different methods possible). Many things will be changed, and different updates will be added whenever applicable.

As we come to the end of this message, I am glad to say that while theories are halted, they won't be indefinitely halted in the future, but all it requires is patience. I hope you have read until the end and until next time.

See you soon,

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