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Did ya know

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In the all server list, right click on a server name, lots of things huh.

You can adjust the size of the all server list just like any window. On the right side of the list is the server ip addys and port numbers.

The ~ key on the upper left of the keyboard, during game play will let you see what has been previously typed. How many times have u typed a web address over and over.

You can click on the columns on the all server list at the top, and it will arrange the servers alphabetically or by ping or by map ect.

Just a tidbit for ya from the oldone :!:

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Post by Nidi »

I had forgotten about the tilde key, thanks my friend! [seems there is a lot about this game I have forgotten].

Anyway, not sure if this belongs in Hints or Strategy but not many know this little tidbit about one of the most under-rated guns in the game...the razorjack.

Back in the early days, I downloaded an Unreal info file from somewhere. The author had ripped the game apart but not to change anything, but just to see how much damage is done by different weapons on the different parts of the character skin, radius of blast weapons, accuracy etc. There was an interesting blurb on the razorjack and I'll pass this info along:

If you fire an "instagib" weapon at a target [that is rifle, minigun, magnum pistol], if the bullet hits the player in the top 15% of the skin [above the neck area], this is a head shot.
With the razor jack primary fire, if you connect with the player skin in the top 25% [from the, dare I say it, "nipples" and up] it registers as a head shot.

My fav technique is to leap and fire down on a crouching opponent...this almost always results in decapitation as I do not aim for the tiny head but the broad shoulders of the opponent. Works GREAT on the skaarj skin because there is a lot of area that will generate a headshot. I have tested this myself and as a result, you will see me use a razorjack before I use a rifle, in up close battles...just playing the odds and this weapon generates some SPECTACULAR decapitations. :) Try it..you'll like it!!
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