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Relating to problems with the DedicatedServer / MasterServer / DataCenter
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Re: Unreal Ini. For Master Server Failure

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I think some earlier versions of unreal(224 i think) only support one entry for this....

You would need to back up your ini file and change it to one of the above, if the main master server is messed up again...
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Re: Unreal Ini. For Master Server Failure

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Works good for me :)
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Re: Unreal Ini. For Master Server Failure

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Hey Sparky - Thanks for getting to me on IM Sunday with the patch information. I did as instructed and cans ee all the servers again. But now I get version mismatches when trying to get into the Newbies servers...any answer for me on that one? :?:

Re: Unreal Ini. For Master Server Failure

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Make a second install of unreal, call it unreal2 or unrealgold2. Don't install any maps but the ones that come in the game. Copy over your ini and user file from the orignal install system folder. Copy and paste your cache folder over. Then I suggest you download and install supercache. You should have no further mismatches. I play on our servers, with cache files, I have no maps installed in my game. Only the sparky skins and my user and ini file. Nothing else is needed for ONLINE play. 8)

Re: Unreal Ini. For Master Server Failure

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One thing to pay attention when you paste them in is the number in the ListFactories[0]=ListFactories[1] ect. You should have them going sequential starting at 0 and going up. If one of the master servers is not up continuously and causing the server list to time out then you can turn it off. Read at the very bottom it will tell you which one is timing out. If you put an ; in front of it, the game will no longer use it.

ListFactories[0]=UBrowser.UBrowserGSpyFact,,MasterServerTCPPort=28900,Region=0,GameName=unreal (This is active and will be used.)

;ListFactories[1]=UBrowser.UBrowserGSpyFact,,MasterServerTCPPort=28900,Region=0,GameName=unreal (This is inactive and will not be used)

Re: Unreal Ini. For Master Server Failure Email Exchange

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Unfortunately the problem has not been resolved for Unreal. I am talking about the oldest version of the game that came out in 1998. There is still a large following with about 40 servers still on line. The gamespy in game browser always times out. The players are making some custom out of game master servers but they are lackluster in performance. Please do what you can possibly to restore this service. It was fine up until a couple weeks ago. I have just ordered the unreal Anthology from amazon, and this would effect online play of unrealgold included in that bundle as well. If you look at our forum you will find the lengths people are going to to keep playing this game.


Glen M. Cook

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Solution: Hi there

We experienced technical problems earlier. It should be resolved at this time.

We appreciate your patience and deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Please let us know if you are experiencing any further issues that we can be of any assistance with.

Yours sincerely,

Aileen Diefenbach
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IGN Entertainment

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Ticket #: 2833-6749177
Date Created: 9/20/2008 3:37 AM MDT
Subject of your request (please select): GAMESPY ARCADE ONLY - Help hosting or playing Games
Please provide as many details as possible including any error messages.: I am administrator for the three oldest long running Unreal servers on line. The gamespy master server has been malfunctioning for several days now. It appears, by the comments I have read on line, that similar problems are occurring with other games as well.

I realize stuff happens, as I have just moved all my servers to a new host since the host of 5 years past has had a extreme data failure involving multiple servers in multiple locations.

My only question is on your companies intentions. Will you be repairing this problem in the near future. We have been running and listing our 3 servers on gamespy for 10 years now. Our players miss it dearly and have long taken it forgranted.

Thank you,

Glen M. Cook/Oldsparky

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Re: For Players by Jackal

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Trying to move this to its own forum topic I deleted the orginal by accident. :cry:
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