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Key Binds

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This is partial script from Snipers Paradise web site.

1 About this guide
Disclaimer and Copyrights
This is an unofficial FAQ. Nothing of what is written herein has been authorized by the makers of Unreal: Epic Games, Digital Extremes or GT Interactive Software.
You alone are responsible for your computer system! If following any of the suggestions in this FAQ causes your Unreal or even OS to crash, I shall not be held liable for that. You are strongly recommended to back-up your Unreal and OS system files before doing any modifications as suggested in here.

2 The Unreal System Console and the Advanced Options
What is the system console?
The console is a little window, that is used to enter commands and to see Unreals system messages. You bring it up by hitting the [~] tilde key.

You can also use the simple console command line by hitting the [Tab] key. Here you can only enter commands, but not read the system messages.

How do I enter the "advanced options" menu?
Bring up the console (see above) and type "preferences" (without the ") and the advanced options window will pop up or you can access it by the menu window. I would recommend to switch Unreal to windowed mode before, so you can leave both windows permanently open and can see the effect of your changes instantly.

For users, who work with the Advacned Options frequently, I recommend to bind a key:


Is there a list of all Unreal console commands and starting parameters?The official list of Unreal starting parameters, console commands and cheatcodes can be found on Epic's Unreal Tech Page:

The page contains a few errors and the explanation of the commands is often very brief, but it is virtually the only list available. All other lists are just mirrors.

How can I repeat a command?
In the console, hit the cursor up key to repeat the last command. The same works with text messages using the SAY command [T] key or TEAMSAY [R] key command.

3 Keybinding
How do I bind a command to a key?
There are a few ways to do this, through the Advanced Options or by editing the Unreal\System\User.ini., it doesn't matter on how you do it, you will acheive the same result. In any case, the resulting keybind is saved to the Unreal\System\User.ini.Open the file user.ini in your unreal\system folder. Use notepad or similar to edit the file, DO NOT use Word etc.

I personally prefer to go through the Advanced Options menu, because I can keep Unreal running in the background, switch back and forth between Unreal and the Advanced Options menu and see the effect virtually instantly without restarting Unreal. (Each time you close the advanced options, Unreal activates the changes you made!) This is even easier, if you switch Unreal to windowed mode before you enter the Advanced Options menu. Furthermore in the advanced options the keys are sorted alphabetically; in the INI they are not.

1.From the Console (for non-standard commands)
Open the console and type:

Set input <key> <command>

For example to bind the left mouse button to fire:

Set input leftmouse fire

The key is binded permanently. You can check the result in the Advance Option or the user.ini.

2.From the Advanced Options (for non-standard commands)Open the Advance Option menu as described above and expand the
[Advanced] [Raw Key Bindings] view.

Look for the key you want and put your command in the assigned slot.

Close the Advance Option.

3.From the USER.INI (for non-standard commands)
As described above, I prefer way 2., which has the exact same result, but is much easier. This is a matter of taste and in some situation a simple INI-edit may be faster.

Open your Unreal\System\User.ini and look for the [Engine.Input] section. In that section you find the aliases. Further down you find all the key-binds. Look for the key you want. Do not add a line for your key as this will mess up the keybinds! It is already there somewhere, so just search. When you�ve found it, put in your command, save and close the file and restart Unreal.

What commands can I use in keybinds or aliases?
Any console command (see above) can be binded to a key directly or via an alias. Furthermore there are the basic commands, that are not listed on Epics console command page. Look through your Unreal\System\defuser.ini for these simple commands.

Can I bind more than one commands to a key?
Combining keys is actually pretty simple, in Key Bindings. All you have to do is divide the commands with a "|" by typing the one command where you normally would type it (see How to bind a key) followed by a single space, a vertical bar (the "|" character, located above the return key), another single space, and the other command.

For example to jump and at the same time fire, the command would be:

Jump | Fire

If your command sequence does not work, you do not have to abandon hope. For a some reason many sequences that do not work as a simple keybind, work fine, if you define them as an alias. So try that!

Can I bind a key to the release of a key?
Yes, you can not only assign a command to the striking of a key, but also to the releasing of a key! So a common combination is to assign one command to pressing a key and an other to releasing a key. For example:

F1=ShowScores | onrelease ShowScores

This makes the Scoreboard come up when you hold down F1 and makes it disappear, when you release F1.

How can I cycle through a sequence of command with one key?
This can be useful in some cases. For example if you want to have

To say hello the command would be Say Hello Sparky
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