Goodbye Old Friend!

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Re: Goodbye Old Friend!

Post by Solid_Snake1998 »

Goodbye sparks, even though this is a bit late and I never returned in the time I promised... :frown: but I just wanted to say you will be deeply missed, but I will keep my promise to you, to keep the team together and show other -(PUPS)- the ropes and to pass on to the -(DOGS)- the knowledge you have given me. and even though I never got to know you or your family truly well yet, you will stay burned into my memory forever like a flakshell to the brain. and to his family I give my prayers and blessings. but then again we all shouldn't worry because is it not true that ''all -(DOGS)- go to heaven?''

your friend Armandre El-Amin a.k.a Solid_Snake-(PUP)-
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Re: Goodbye Old Friend!

Post by SerpentineStorm-(DOG)- »

Ever since I started Unreal and its Tournaments, it has been a pain not meeting this man who deserved respect and kindness towards him, and even though it's late for me to talk about his death, I wished I started Unreal earlier, and know who Mr.OldSparky-(DOG)- was.

I did note the potentiality Sparky had, and how amazing of a human being he was, I respect him and his clanmates, the -(PUPS)- and -(DOGS)-. I have all my condolences to him, and his wife Betty, and his son Joe, who unfortunately got blinded by usage of drugs.

I hope you're fine up there, Sparks.

Sincerely, your future friend in Heaven, Seif ElDeen M. A. a.k.a Epsilon-X.

May your soul rest in peace. :'(
“God has revealed to me, that you must be humble. No one should boast over one another, and no one should oppress another.” - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
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Re: Goodbye Old Friend!

Post by Krull0r »

Hey there.

Maybe some of you know that I am actually working on a Redux version of Unreal based on Unreal 227.
At this moment I'm reworking Harobed and had an idea.

I asked OldSparky's family for permission to perpetuate him at the graveyard of Harobed Village behind the abbey.

In the Attachments you can see the first version of his place there.

Ideas are welcome :)
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Re: Goodbye Old Friend!

Post by strategy-(DOG)- »

this is awesome!!! :flap: :Drogar-BigGrin:
great work and thank you!!

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Re: Goodbye Old Friend!

Post by VooDoo-(DOG)- »

Wow Krull0r, that is a fantastic gesture and it looks great, so serene!

You are indeed a true gentleman and your Unreal Redux is exceptional. :)

Best wishes.

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