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AKCoop Gamemode

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by Asgard

AKcoop Version 2 (c).

AKcoop is a mutator specially designed for Unreal 1 coop play.
Asgard and Kari coop or if you prefer Assault and Kill :))

AKcoop was the first mutator of its type designed for Unreal 1 coop play and yes its the original come back with version 2.

Yes its more difficult.. and Yes u might die. However I've played it through solo and managed to get through it, so please don't cheat, you only spoil the game. There is ample things laying around and monsters that drop items.

Thank you

Without the help, patience, suggestions, support and or beta testing of these people this mod would not be possible.

Kari, Usaar33, DarkTrooper, Woody, Cazz (cowboyfromhell), Jackson.

and of course all the others who had suggestions and feedback.

Also thanks to Winged Unicorn for his tips about collision cylinders for the potion.

And Special thanks to Kari.. the most patient person I Know :)


Since the last time you visited Na Pali the planet has been re-enforced with additional monsters now patrolling the skies, the water, and the surface of the planet. A few mutated creatures also patrol where none existed before. However some Skaarj are not happy with the new military regime. Rebel skaarj may be found along the way, hiding in barrels, pots, boxes etc and will give u aid when needed.
Rebel Skaarj are well known in high command and traps have been laid in case you search them out. Death Hunters and Pack Hunters also lay in wait for and unsuspecting victim. With the re-enforcement of Na Pali a lot more hardware is stored here and there, But then are you willing to search for it? :))


The mutator adds additional monsters a few items a couple of modified guns and hopefully
improved gameplay..Version 2 is configurable.

I've set it up so a lot of things are random, one time a warlord may be in the map another time it may be a dragonfly etc.

Not everything is random but i tried to remove a lot of the predictability of coop play and create a surprise or 2.
Barrels pots boxes etc are totally random.

Default health is 500 (u may need it)

Design your own monsters, well you can change a few settings, alter projectiles etc and then name it.

For the rest, you can find out yourself..

Whats new in Version 2

For configuration and full details see the AKcoop2 ADVANCED section below.

Apart from bug fixes theres quite a lot. Akcoop is now highly configurable.

You can configure a lot of unreal's monsters set their health etc, choose their projectiles or guns and more or less design your own monsters..Further you can give them modded guns or projectiles. If you have a favorite modded gun, you could set the skaarjsniper to use it for example and rename the skaarjsniper to whatever you want.

Various items and armors can have their default charge set.

Naligod is a new statue that will give players items and or guns.. No longer need an admin present for packs.. They're scattered through various maps, some maps have several, others none.
Naligod is configurable and the server gets to choose what items it gives.
This also allows you to add other modded weapons or items into the game that wouldn't normally be found apart from summoning them and means your server can have your favorite mods on it without you having to be there.
Of course you can also summon one at the start of a level and it would save you from being nagged by players for packs :)

Cannons are now destroyable by default..But optional if you'd like to use the non-destroyable ones instead, or have no cannons at all. (try the new ones, they're much improved)

Deathhunters and various other AKcoop monsters can be removed from the game, but this is for weeners :)

New bird named a "spitfire", fights on your side, similar to rebelskaarj, great against flying monsters.

New belt "biobelt" gives your greater waterspeed (server speed setting) also glows red when you're in water or toxin, and gives protection against toxic waste.

T.N.T, redone.. now u can hold or collect up to 3.. also Much better explosion effects

Hoverbot pickup.. A flying machine that is player controlled.. Fires up to 40 rockets, once out of rockets crash it into the nearest enemy to cause further damage (explodes)
press F2 for translator message of controls. Beware of trees :)

Potion.. A shrinking potion that reduces you to much the same size or a rebelskaarj.. Great for nali players and skaarj players who normally can't fit anywhere.. Also great as a defense makes you a smaller target and gives you additional hiding spots.

New gun.. Scattergun..Yeah another version of a shotgun type gun using the Quadshot mesh

RebelSkaarj are now followers with teleport capabilities also get up to mischief opening barrels when youre not looking.. A RebelSkaarj will follow you loyally, If he becomes lost he'll try to teleport to you..Failing that he might decide to follow someone else

A couple of new monsters (nothing major) and various tweaks and bug fixes.
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