Item Theories Part V

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Item Theories Part V

Post by EpsilonXangent-(DOG)- » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:26 pm

Delta Tangent Here!

So recently I made a fourth part of the Item Theories series and I thought "why not add in the missing forcefield with the Return to Na Pali Items too?"

So let's get to it!

IPSFF-932 Forcefield:
The Inuit Protection Services Forcefield 932, or referred to some UMS Marines as the "Plasma Energy Barrier," is a useful item in Unreal, and could be used in small corridor doors to prevent enemy forces to attack you.
Inuit, with the cooperation of Alpha Corporation and Sigma Industries (A Greek-Civilization-like Industrial Corporation), has made its first military and civilian protection gadget to use against hostile forces, such as Skaarj, Mercenaries, Brutes, Krall, or even more hostile forces to mention.
Alpha provided a generator for both inuit and Sigma to advance the materials used to make the Purple Plasma, or Quantumized Tarydium and Xanaras Crystals.
Sigma provided the Xanaras Crystals to give out the electric aura surrounding the Plasma Barrier, which damages any creature except for Electricity-Resistant Creatures (while although that doesn't even happen in Unreal).

UMS SFCD 093 Cloaking Device:
The Unified Military Services Special Forces Cloaking Device 093 is a special item to be used in the inventory. It works like the Invisibility, except your body trails are shown like a glass cup.
The UMS, as a technologically advanced military, has provided itself with Ionized Tarydium and Ionized Magnesium so that it gives out the invisibility for the user.
What happens with the user is, the Magnesium releases its gas form to the ionized Tarydium, and spreads its molecules to give hot pressure to the device, therefore, making the user invisible. What doesn't make the user completely invisible is the amount of Magnesium used, so that's a disadvantage to the user.

UMS WaMD Tablet 772:
The UMS Weapons and Munition Data Tablet 772 (Codenamed "Hotkey") is the most important Tablet and Template for the UMS, as it provides the powering of the Radios for Weaponry, Munitions, and other data useful to plan attacks by the UMS.
It's also called the Hotkey because it serves as the boiling center for the communications data for the UMS, and without it, the UMS would clarify their data as "Cold Information, Errors may occur."
The UMS use the Cold and Hot system to clarify the importance of each data possible.

That should be most of my items I would like to share, and there will be more theories upcoming.
Most Probably a new theory, Vehicle Theories.

Best Regards. :)

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