[SPECIAL] Beta Weapon Theories

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[SPECIAL] Beta Weapon Theories

Post by XcytheAvenger-(DOG)- » Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:36 pm

Epsilon Here!

So recently I decided to make a special weapon theory involving the QuadShot, the Translocator, and the PeaceMaker.
And maybe soon I would go for the Beta Weapons of Unreal, which are The Beta Automag, the Impaler, The Flamethrower, and more.
In addition to that, I would also make a special Item Theories, involving a Detector and more items from the inventory.

Let's Begin...

HAQS-204 Shotgun [The QuadShot}:
The Heavy Assault QuadShot 204 Shotgun, or known to the UMS as the "QuadShot," is a world wide known weapon used everywhere on Earth as a Heavy Assault Shotgun, created by Female Izanagi Scientist (Who, in fact, is Russian-American) named "Selena Yuri Arkmanov."
She used Metal Scrap that burns as the main source for the QuadShot's bullets fired from the shells, and uses Magnesium, as well as Gorium for the Weapon's efficiency, which causes the Skaarj, Mercenaries, and even the Krall perish from all the burns (in fact, radioactive burns) found in their bodies.
It has been used by Liandri, Izanagi, The UMS, and the Skaarj Hijackers; Therefore, all corporations classify this weapon as a "Class-4 Shotgun."

QEGTD-024 Teleporting Device [The Translocator]:
The Quantum Energy Generating Teleporting Device 024, or known to the creators (Omega Storm) as the "Quantum Energy Generating Translocator," is a rare gadget for the UMS to use, since the UMS relies on Military Training for the Space Marines.
It's a powerful and useful tool for the corporations' marines and personnel to use whenever they're close to a risky situation.
The Translocator uses a Quantum Power-Energy Generator on its core, and Solar Panels to power up the device, making this tool too useful for everyone to use; In fact, the solar panels take five minutes to charge and approximately 7 years to deplete, making this tool the most useful tool found in the Universe. The user then controls the destination by a bracelet.
Due to its efficiency, Liandri classified the Translocator as a "Class X Gadget."

RLG-874 Rocket Launching Grenade [The PeaceMaker]:
The Rocket Launching Grenade 874, or nicknamed to the Inuit Experimentation Labs as the "PeaceMaker," is a powerful useful tool made by the Liandri as a Mining tool aside from the Stinger.
The Weapon uses Tarydiumized Jackers (Nickname for the Tarydiumized Liquid} to power up the weapon's Rocket releasing mechanism, in addition to that, uses Ionized Nuclear Fusion (A tiny bit) to power up the Rockets and to make the weapon detonate once it reaches a point where it couldn't be a useless Material lying around.
It also includes a 10 second timer for the Weapon to detonate after it launches the rockets, which makes it a strategically useful weapon for whenever necessary does the weapon need to launch its rockets and detonate.
The rockets use a "smart eye system," which is basically a camera used to guide the rockets to the hostile's position.

The Rockets were originally used to crush rocks and make them smaller, but eventually due to one of the accidental manipulation of its system, it has created the known "Rocker 293 Disaster" which is basically that two rockets obliterating two miners, and the other two crushing two colossal rocks, eventually crushing the whole colony of miners.

Liandri then classified this weapon as a "Class-4 Weapon" aside from the QuadShot.

That should be everything I theorized about the weapons found in the game but was never removed by the developers. :)

Best Regards. :)


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