Place Theories Part V

Theories related to UNREAL, e.g. characters, items, weapons, places,...
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Place Theories Part V

Post by XcytheAvenger-(DOG)- » Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:17 am

Epsilon here,
I have decided to get to Places Theories, because I like to get things hyped up by uploading theories of what I imagine through the Nali's places, the Skaarj Mothership, and more to talk about.

Let's do it!

The Falls of the Goddess of Love, NyLeve [NyLeve's Falls]:
NyLeve's Falls Image I.png
Vik'nasi Village, located on the continent of Na'jari, is a holy place of rituals performed by the Nali.
Thousands of years ago, the village had an eye-locking view of a fall that was dedicated to the love of the Nali and their admiration of nature, the falls of the Goddess of Love, or NyLeve.
NyLeve's Falls Image II.png
NyLeve is the Nali Goddess of Romance, Admiration, and Love.
The Nali have also built a sacred passage to Chizra's Temple; Therefore, the Nali built it to give the meaning that Chizra is married to NyLeve and that both share a deeper meaning to equity to the Nali.

NyLeve's Falls is also a prominent location of the UMS on their map coordinate, and are planning to start a campaign to explore and take back their destroyed Prison Vessel (Vortex Rikers on Vehicle Theories), but are also planning to explore the now-industrialized Rrajigar mine:
NyLeve's Falls Image III.png

The Passage of the Sacred Warrior of Acerak, Nagomi [Nagomi Passage]:
Nagomi Passage Image I.png
Nagomi has been known to fight against the Skaarj (Sky Demons in Nali Terms) in a sacred war the Ancient Nali (Na'mej'ina) defeated the Khrejekoras (Early Skaarj in Skrathiji) in; The Hundred Years of Doom.
It was rumored that sacred Nali Books now mention that Nagomi is a son of the Fire God, Acerak, and that the Nali built this temple of Nagomi to praise and serve Nagomi for defeating more than 890,543 Khrejekoras in his duty.

After three thousand decades, the Skaarj invaded the Nali once again and decided to build a mine and a foundry just near the temple.
Nagomi Passage Image III (Night).png

But then when the UMS came to send in Prisoner 849 in an operation she was performing - Operation: Talon Hunter - it was rumored that the UMS were building an outpost near the mine entrance and Scout Crafts were dropping crates to supply weapons and ammunition for the prisoner to continue, only ending up for the outpost project to be cancelled because of a hard Skaarj Assault on one of UMS's Squad who were responsible for the outpost project.

Nagomi Passage Image II.png

Interstellar Spatial Vehicle Kranikov 683 [Codename: ISV-Kran]:
ISV-Kran Image I (Deck 4).png
The Interstellar Spatial Vehicle Kranikov 683, or widely known to Inuit as the ISV-Kran, was a ship sent to investigate Gryphon 4-a (Na Pali), only ending up meeting the same fate as the Vortex Rikers in NyLeve's Falls.
It was launched by Raquel (Character Theories IV) to know more about the planet's life support, the nature, the import and export of the planet, the history, and more to investigate for the Corporation's encounter.

The Tarydium in the planet pulled the ship to the Jer'nasme Erosion (a.k.a. the Sunspire), causing a disaster on the ship, and almost killing the whole crew, but some only managed to survive, including the widely known Kira, sister of Raquel.
The ship stayed for three days signaling help, but no help was given at the time, except it was accidentally sent to the UMS and the Skaarj Assault Party XV.
ISV-Kran Image II (Deck 3).png
The ISV-Kran, before its final destination to Na Pali, discovered Skrath, the homeworld of the Skaarj, and were able to receive advantage of the planet's resources, life support, nature, and more.
Rumor has it that the ISV-Kran also caused the Blobs and Bloblets to increase in population after a failure caused by Gina, another rumor supports that the existence of pods to keep hostile creatures for gaining more information was actually used for the Blobs and the Skaarj to discover more about their DNA and their ability of survival.
ISV-Kran Image III (Deck 2).png
But until the Skaarj invaded the ship, no one survived the attacks, and the lack of weaponry the ship provided was a gigantic disadvantage for the Inuit members to attack, with the Skaarj providing full supplies for themselves to attack with.
The Prisoner, without anyone's help, managed to obliterated literally the whole Skaarj population in the ship.

This has been yet another theory that I enjoyed, along with the older theories I typed with all my imagination, and hopefully this has been enjoyable too.

Best Regards. :)

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