Newbiesplayground – the -(DOG)- clan in 2018

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Re: Newbiesplayground – the -(DOG)- clan in 2018

Post by strategy-(DOG)- » Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:40 am

PMX-(DOG)- wrote:
Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:26 pm
I'm just checking in and as an outsider I'm picking some bits here an there to understand what's going on.
Last week i was randomly connecting on servers and X.21 found me. He start to to telling me some things about what happened between Strategy and him.
The way I see, this is Strategy's server and we need to thank him for letting us play, not complain about where the server is hosted or why he is not using this or that in the server's config. Is his choice to keep or not some players and don't need to explain why he does this or that.
As I said some months ago, this server is the best private I ever played and I bet he still putting a lot effort to keep it online.
All we need to do is play, have fun, make friends and laugh.

@Strategy mate, I feel sorry for those who complain about the way u run things, you are on the right path. We need to keep unreal alive for more 20years and no doubt your contributions to this are undeniable.
Once more thank you for the opportunity to be part of this beautiful project and we are with you on your decisions.
I'm happy that things worked out fine in this matter.


thank you, leonardo! :)
well, nobody needs to say thank you - i am just asking for respecting our rules. since the DOG-clan has been founded, many clan-members and friends contributed to the development of newbiesplayground-servers. if the servers appeal or not may be a matter of taste, but we care for our tradition and try to keep the servers running smoothly.

no need to worry! :) - i am used to complaints - just need to speak up from time to time to show those ignorants where we are.
and i'm happy that you joined our family!

[ no tolerance for intolerance ]

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