The Meeting

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The Meeting

Post by XcytheAvenger-(DOG)- » Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:06 pm

Yesterday, my buddies and I were in the club. We were talking normally like how we usually do, but then... Fred Ramsey came in... He never insulted, nor he spoke to me nor his now-enemy of six years, but he spoke with one of our friends (Seif Tamer).

Seif Tamer excused us and went on to the nearest McDonalds that was exactly close to one of the parking lots in the club to talk with Fred. The three of us waited, until we got up to a food store next to it, and sat on three of the chairs we could find.
Until a call from Seif Tamer has been rung, answered by one of my friends (Hussein, the friend of Fred of 6 years), telling us to come to the bench. Hussein of course refused to come over and asked Seif to arrive, and he did (unfortunately Fred followed him).

I had to excuse my friends for a second and went on further away from them because I was rather nervous I would mess something up. I had to call my parents and they convinced me with everything they could help me with. I returned back and I ensured myself that everything would be fine.

We had to talk about the incident, and I had to talk about my role in the incident. Hussein told me to pretend I wasn't with anyone in the club since the day of 17/7/2018.
Both of us (Hussein and I) have told Fred that due to his jokes, his mouth full of filth, and his personality, we cannot apologize to him. Fred didn't wanna apologize to me anyways, and I was completely happy with his choice. I didn't deserve to be with this dude.
Hussein had his chance to apologize, but he refused for the same reason. The talk continued until Fred left, he was defeated. Seif Tamer followed him until he (Fred) left from the club.

I didn't leave Fred taking a chance of cussing at me. I will NEVER let him do that filthy act upon us. Once and for all, I have won, and I will never... EVER hear about the name "Fareed Hany Ramsey" again!

I am ruthless to him, and I lost him for good! What's wrong, though, is that his father is not becoming close to Fred like expected, why?! A father should love his son, not get far! But that won't stop me from becoming ruthless to him.
I am the Xcythe Avenger, the Seeker of Faith. In every dark path, light shines through...

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