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Official deathmatch map packages

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:14 pm
by Javix
I just lost all my unreal maps because of a problem with my computer and wanted to look for them again. I started with the officers and I really didn't remember the name of the official Unreal package. I did not remember that it was called "Fusion map pack" So I wanted to leave the link in case there is another one lost like me in the forum :cheesygrin: : ... n-map-pack

Fusion Mappack: DM-Cybrosis • DM-Letting • DM-Loxi • DM-Mojo • DM-Shrapnel • DM-Twilight

I could also find the map pack with lost maps of Unreal, I thank those who made this package that contains so much history of our beloved unreal, with maps that unfortunately did not reach the official version of the game, I leave the link of this great map pack :flap: : ... AjGY_1LoLk

Division Mappack: DmBayC • DmCreek • DmDespair • DmEclipse • DmKrazy • DmLocke • DmMorbfanza • DmScruular • DmSplash • DmVilla

Greetings to all dogs WOOF WOOF :dog:

Re: Official deathmatch map packages

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 1:17 am
by Leo(T.C.K.)
The "Division" pack was created by Delacroix, but I don't like the second version of it so much. The original, that I backed up, simply had unaltered maps as they appeared in bonus material/oem stuff. The only fixed map was DmVilla2. Yes it was called DmVilla2, not DmVilla. DmVilla was a shorter and cut map from Unreal and DmVilla2 was expanded, but it needed a patch to run in modern versions of Unreal anyway. The rest of the maps are beta conversions/mick beard cut rtnp maps.

The Division 1 was simply the packs put together from the Unreal Special edition (also known as the 3dfx pack) and the Unreal GW Press addon maps. Those are DmBayC, Creek, Krazy, the latter is Scruular, Villa2 and Locke. That's it really. Besides DmVilla does conflict with an old custom map for Unreal called that way so really I only fully respect the original pack for that reason. There's nothing wrong about the rest of maps but they should have been released separately IMO as the original intention was to group the maps together and make it playable for someone else. Dcx said that it's impossible to watch out for mismatches these days but I still think it should be tried to avoid mismatches in general and keep the compat. I am maintaining the old status quo and will not compromise on it.

There is also DmTulane, which was actually part of some distributed bonus maps for the MAC Unreal and that map is made by Alan Willard before Scruular even, yet it's somehow not part of the Division pack either way (desptie trying to get everything in). But that's just nitpicks.

Another OEM version of Unreal, version 223m, had all the fusion maps in but not dm twilight as it was deemed too large and was made too late for the release of 223m.