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NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Speedrun Contest 2021

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2021 8:31 pm
by VooDoo-(DOG)-
NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Speedrun Contest 2021

DATE: 12th of November to 21st of November 2021

Greetings to all Unreal players!

NEWBIESPLAYGROUND has organised a special Speedrun Contest as a follow-up to our main 2021 Unreal Contest!
We would like to take this opportunity to invite all players to participate in this challenging Speedrun Contest.

Like our main Unreal Contest, the NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Speedrun Contest 2021 should be seen as a great time for Unreal players to gather together and participate in a sociable competition in a relaxed environment. The aim of this Speedrun Contest is also to provide a complete contrast to our regular Unreal Contest.

As the name suggests, the objective is to finish the selection of maps in the fastest possible time and the scoring of Frags is almost irrelevant. However, should 2 players achieve exactly the same time then the player with the highest Score is considered to be ranked higher. A player's Score is defined as Frags minus Deaths, with the player losing 1 point for each death.

The premise seems simple enough - dash to the end! But due to the nature of the 4 maps, many careful decisions have to be made, especially with regard to which weapons to take and on which map, in order to achieve a smoother and faster progress.

The selection of maps will be as follows :-

  • NYLEVE (NyLeve's Falls) 
  • SPIREVILLAGE (SpireVillage) 
  • SKYTOWN (Na Pali Haven) 
  • MPGLATHRIEL2 (MP Glathriel Village)

Servers are available right now for practice, prior to the start of the Speedrun Contest on November 12th. Players can practice by using the console command TRIALMATCH on any of the 3 Speedrun Contest servers. Actual Contest-Matches (STARTMATCH) cannot be run until the start of the Speedrun Contest on November 12th.

So it's time to retrieve your weapons from storage and head over to the Speedrun Contest servers, where you will be very welcome indeed!

For much more detailed information and the current scoreboard, please see:


Re: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Speedrun Contest 2021

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2021 6:07 pm
by VooDoo-(DOG)-
We are about the halfway stage now with the NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Speedrun Contest 2021 and some great times have been posted. The current leader is the player was95 with a time of 6 minutes 16 seconds. The average time posted so far is approximately 7 minutes, 9 seconds, for those who like statistics!

Similar to any of our Contests, there are many decisions to be made about which weapon(s) to take and on which map and whether to save their ammo for a later map. As always, the player only starts with the Dispersion Pistol.

The first map Nyleve gives the player an immediate choice. Does the player head for this automag for example after exiting the Vortex Rikers?

It sure is a useful weapon to have against this wall of Lesser Brutes.
But then again, this of course takes time because it takes the player in the opposite direction from the path to the exit.

Avoiding this guy also provides a fine challenge, especially if the player is only armed with the Dispersion Pistol.

The next map SpireVillage sees the player trying to avoid 3 Titans on their mission to reach the exit. Never an easy task! There are 2 very useful items in the house which the player starts behind, but collecting them quickly involves taking a huge chance with the Titan that can easily block the door to this house.

Perhaps the greatest challenge here on SpireVillage is how to avoid these two intimidating creatures that block the player's immediate progress. Time to use the boots here maybe...? The ASMD there could also prove very useful, but this is not without its danger!

Maybe the boots could come in useful for the two Skaarj guarding the final gate...?

The 3rd map SkyTown is perhaps the map to save the most time on. There are many ways to achieve this and it's fascinating to see how different players approach this map, because going the regular route via the Rifle is time-consuming, not to mention involving more encounters with enemies. Maybe it's time for a more unconventional way to achieve this?
The armor in the area below could prove very useful for some players also. 
The 2 Skaarj that block the entrance to the panel that opens the exit cannot be underestimated if the player arrives here with minimal ammo and/or health.

The final map MPGlathriel2 is much shorter in duration than the previous maps, but doesn't come without its obstacles! These 2 creatures perhaps being the best example. These 2 Mantas can sure interrupt smooth progress!
Similar to SkyTown, using the rooftops to ensure quick progress is recommended!

We look forward to more action and the possibility of a time under 6 minutes certainly looks achievable based on Contest Matches that have occured so far. For more details and the current Scoreboard please see the SPEEDRUN CONTEST 2021.


Re: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Speedrun Contest 2021

Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2021 4:11 pm
by VooDoo-(DOG)-
Congratulations to the new leader on the Scoreboard, strategy-(DOG)-, with his time of 5 minutes 54 seconds!
The 6 minute barrier is broken!



Re: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Speedrun Contest 2021

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 11:04 am
by VooDoo-(DOG)-
The NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Speedrun Contest 2021 is now over!

Thank you to every player that participated in the Contest and posted a registered time!
Thank you also to those who gave advice and support to others even after posting their own time. It was good to see players helping each other out with the varied amount of tactics possible and the optimal choices to make for any given map.

So! Congratulations to the totally deserved winner, strategy-(DOG)-!

He played a fantastic match in a time of 5 minutes 54 seconds!
This requires practice, dedication and persseverance and he achieved the only time under 6 minutes!
This time was set at around the 3/4 stage of the Contest and was never overtaken! Although many of us tried!
Well done on a thoroughly deserved victory!

For a full breakdown of all the times posted overall and for individual maps, please see the Scoreboard


Re: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Speedrun Contest 2021

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 12:00 pm
by strategy-(DOG)-
Thank you very much ;)

But I'd like to mention that Masterkent unfortunately didn't participate. In a Trialmatch he did a time of 05:26, so I'm sure he would have won the contest easily. And other good players (e.g. TommY) didn't participate as well.