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Is it controversial

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

Is it controversial to think that maybe Austrian-Hungarian empire was better in many ways than EU??!

They certainly had more respect for individual nations and states. Under EU you only see further and further erosion of cultures, isn't that right?

Only the main states win and fend for themselves while more centralism is pushed. But people forget the repressed nations within the current official states...all across mainland europe. Things are more recognized in the UK than the mainland, I mean Scotland etc, northern ireland, wales.

And its still called united kingdom. But then look at mainland europe, from my experience I can think of frisia, spanning from netherlands through germany to denmark across the coast and well the original saxony now known as nether saxony having its own state in germany up north, but also part of it is in the netherlands where it doesn't form its own state unfortunately.

And lastly Silesia with Poland, Czech Republic and afaik even a bit of germany sharing it. But the overall culture is different than the main bodies of those countries.

Those examples are important because as they are split between many states governments its more difficult for them to keep any sense of independance and are often exploited for resources/production and usually also the western governments scream to them like "that area has so much pollution" like katowice while ignoring the fact that places like prague have a huge burning waste burning plant that..y'know really pollutes a lot and even burns plastic. You know, you carefuly separate your plastic and then they just drive with those trucks full of plastic and...THEY BURN IT ANYWAYS. That's what happens, I saw it in my own eyes just as many other things and that's why they hate me so much.

Its like...soylent greene is people...or how was it called.

Yea, all just for a show...lies lies lies

while the hypocrites that ruined perfectly fine productions in europe are buying from china but where they will turn if that ceases? They will hard time convincing the good people to start working for them again. And the rest will turn to the few productions remaining...good job europe really.
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