Sickpuppy's DogHouse server (KOTH): Map list

last update: 2020/02/15

Below is a list of the maps on Sickpuppy's DogHouse server. The maps have been grouped by author and include the exact title and name of author after pressing F1 in the game. This list is not the rotation order of the maps on the server, because the server chooses the maps randomly. There is a Notes column in the list below which sometimes contains additional information about any given map. Occasionally, an entry will appear in the Notes column with "" around it. This indicates the LevelEnterText on entering the map. These LevelEnterTexts have been listed either because they are amusing, kept for reference or poignant to the history of the game and/or Newbies.

Dm-Codex.unr Codex of Wisdom (Players:2-8) Cliff Bleszinski (Unreal Conversion By UKBikenut)  
DmCurse.unr Curse Cliff Bleszinski Stock DM map
Dm-Curse][.unr Dm-Curse][ (Players: 4-12) Cliff Bleszinski (Unreal Conversion by Pitbull)  
DmElsinore.unr Elsinore Cliff Bleszinski Stock DM map
DmElsinore]PMB[.unr Elsinore Cliff Bleszinski *Modified for PMB by Smartball  
DmFith.unr Fire In The Hole Cliff Bleszinski Stock DM map
Dm-Gearbolt.unr GearBolt (Players: 6-12) Cliff Bleszinski (Unreal conversion by Pitbull)  
DmHealPod.unr HealPod Cliff Bleszinski Stock DM map
DM-Loxi.unr DM-Loxi Cliff Bleszinski  
DM-shrapnel.unr Shrapnel Cliff Bleszinski  
dm-tempest+_NPF.unr Tempest (Players: 4-16) Cliff Bleszinski *Converted from UT to Unreal by Dik* "Music added by VooDoo-(DOG)-"
Dm-ArcaneTemple.unr Arcane Temple (Players: 3-8) Shane Caudle- (224 conversion by Pitbull)  
Dm-Conveyor.unr -_-_-_ Conveyor -_-_-_ Those EPIC guys, Conversion by UnLeaded Author is Shane Caudle
Dm-Gothic.unr Gothic (Players: 6-16) Shane Caudle (Unreal conversion by Pitbull)  
DMKrazyCNRX.unr DM KrazyCNRX Shane Caudle, Comfortably Numb Remix added by Grim(Co3O)  
DmRadikus.unr DM Radikus Shane Caudle Stock DM map
Dm-Hyperblast][.unr Hyper Blast (Players:2-8) Juan Pancho 'XceptOne' Eekels (Unreal conversion by Pitbull and BOZO)  
Dm-Oblivian.unr Oblivion (Players: 2-3) Juan Pancho ' XceptOne ' Eekels (Unreal conversion by Pitbull)  
DmPeak.unr The Peak Monastery (Players: 6-8) Juan Pancho ' XceptOne ' Eekels-224 conversion by Pitbull  
Dm-Pressure.unr Pressure (Players: 4 - 12) Juan Pancho ' XceptOne ' Eekels (Converted by Pitbull)  
Dm-Spacenoxx.unr Space Noxx (Players: 2-6) Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino (Unreal conversion by Pitbull)  
DmAriza.unr DMAriza Myscha the Sled dog Stock DM map
DMDanceMorbias.unr DMDanceMorbias Myscha the sled dog  
DmDeathFan.unr DMDeathfan Myscha the Sled dog Stock DM map
DmDeck16.unr DMDeck16 Myscha the Sled dog Stock DM map
DM-Letting.unr DM-Letting Myscha the sled dog  
DmMorbias.unr DMMorbias Myscha the sled dog Stock DM map
DMMorbiasReloadedUMX.unr DMMorbiasReloadedUMX Sled Dog "Remade by: BudLite"  
DmTundra.unr DMTundra Myscha the Sled dog Stock DM map
DmTundra227.unr DmTundra227 Myscha the Sled dog (Rework by Krull0r) Visit Oldunreal for more details.
DM-AMC-Modular227.unr DM-AMC-Modular227 Steffen Eckenstaler (Krull0r) Won 1st place in "The AWESOME
Mapping Contest" at

Also see the author's video about this map at Youtube
DmRetrospective.unr DmRetrospective Krull (Steffen Eckenstaler) 227 Stock DM map
DmRiot.unr Riot! Hellkeeper 227 Stock DM map
Dm-Hightitude.unr Hightitude Hellkeeper (Unreal conversion by Pitbull) See the author's post about this at OldUnreal
DM_8BALLCRAZY_UMX_NPF.unr DM_8BALLCRAZY_UMX (Players: 8/12) 3DTRAY-(DOG)- Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DM8balljunkieUMX_NPF.unr DM8balljunkieUMX (Players: 12) 3dtray-(DOG)- Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMChickenRoostBlonde_NPF.unr dmChickenRoost 3DTRAY&OLD DOG SPARKY Pathing added and new skybox imported from DmRadikus by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMDoggy_NPF.unr DmDoggy 3Dtray [Modification by Nikola-DOG-]  
DMDoggy_EDITED.unr DmDoggy 3Dtray [Modification by Nikola-DOG-]  
DM_FLAKER2_NPF.unr DM_FLAKER (Players: 12) 3DTRAY-(DOG)- Pathing added, low gravity zone altered and a mover fix by Nikola-(DOG)-
dm_flak_mania_NPF.unr DMFlakmania 3dtray [Modification by Nikola-DOG-]  
dm_flak_mania_EDIT.unr DMFlakmania 3dtray [Modification by Nikola-DOG-]  
dm_freakersball_NPF.unr dm_freakersball (Players:12) 3dtray Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DmOldDogCasca.unr DmOldDogCasca (Players: 12) 3dtray "little map for the olddog"

Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DM_OLDDOGCASCA_2_NPF.unr DM_OLDDOGCASCA_2 (Players: 12) 3dtray Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMOldDogsEyesUmx_NPF.unr DM_olddogs_eyes_umx (Players: 8) 3dtray-(DOG)-umx by olddog himself Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DM_OLDMANSSHOES_UMX_NPF.unr DM_OLDMANSSHOES_UMX (Players: 8) 3DTRAY-(DOG)- Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DM_sickpups_retreatumx.unr DM_sickpups_retreatumx (Players: 12) 3dtray-(DOG)-
DMturoks_crippler_NPF.unr DMturoks_crippler (Players: 12) 3dtray Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DM-WEVERS8BALL.unr_NPF DM-WEVERS8BALL 3dtray Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DmDecNine_NPF.unr DmDecNine (Players: More Than One) Firebird(DOG) Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
dm-fire6_NPF.unr dm-fire6 firebird(DOG) Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-

DM-firebirdboogie.unr dm-firebirdboogie (Players: 12) firebird(DOG) music by 3dtray(DOG) "WOOOOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
DmGetOffMeDTM_NPF.unr DmGetOffMeDTM (Players: 12) firebird(DOG)modified by 3dtray Pathing added, more ammo added and a minor skybox change by Nikola-(DOG)-
DM_Coldguns.unr DM Cold guns Nikola-(DOG)-  
DM_Encore.unr Encore Nikola-(DOG)- music remixed and imported by VooDoo-(DOG)-  
DMFountain.unr FOUNTAIN 8BALL Nikola-(DOG)-  
DMHallofFlames.unr Hall of Flames Nikola-(DOG)-  
DM_Niwa.unr Niwa Nikola-(DOG)-  
DM_Rocket_base.unr Rocket base Nikola-(DOG)- music remixed and imported by VooDoo-(DOG)-  
DM_Twinlibrary.unr Twin library Nikola-(DOG)- music remixed and imported by VooDoo-(DOG)-  
DM_Two_towers.unr Two Towers Nikola-(DOG)-  
DM8BallEgypt_NPF.unr 8BallEgypt Sinji-(DOG)- Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMEgyptTemple_NPF.unr DMEgyptTemple SinjI-(DOG)- Pathing added and minor texture change by Nikola-(DOG)-
DM-Fire3_V2_NPF.unr Fire3-Sid-Style (Players: 8) Suicide-Sid(DOG) Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMDogHouseUmx.unr the Dog House (*)TheEyeBallKid! "welcome to the Dog House"
dmancadvance.unr DMANCadvance Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger  
DMArklonUMX.unr DMArklon (Players: 2 - 6) Sidney " Clawfist " Rauchberger  
DMAsmadenaUMX.unr A s m a d e n a U M X (Players: 2-4) Sidney " Clawfist " Rauchberger  
DMCircloidStupor.unr DMCircloidStupor Sidney "CLAWFIST" Rauchberger  
DMFeekassoUMX_NPF.unr F e e k a s s o Sidney " Clawfist " Rauchberger Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMFlakskoorj.unr The skoorjish Flak-Pool Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger  
DMHellabolishumx.unr DMHellabolish (Players: 3-9) Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger  
DMJimi'sMeldrak.unr M e l d r a k (Players: trippin) Clawfist....... remix by prowler  
DMIRROKWOOHOO.unr DMIRROKWOOHOO (Players: 2-4) Sidney " Clawfist " Rauchberger  
DmRoondaleekDubRX.unr DmRoondaleekDubRX Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger  
DMTeetokumx.unr T e e t o k (Players: 3 - 8) Sidney " Clawfist " Rauchberger  
DMdeCyberRocketArenaUmx.unr deCyber Rocket ArenaUMX Mark "Scislac" Bliese  
DMNEVEROVER.unr deCyber Rocket ArenaUMX Mark "Scislac" Bliese  
DmRocketArena2_NPF.unr Rocket Arena 2 Mark "Scislac" Bliese Pathing added, music changed from Eversmoke and more ammo added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMRocketEcstatic.unr Rocket Ecstatic Mark Bliese  
DmAscender11.unr Ascender Fleshdance  
DMFlashdance.unr Monumental Fleshdance  
DmProng.unr Prong Fleshdance  
DM-Brutality+.unr The Temple of Brutality (Players: 2-4) akuma/rich * Converted from UT to Unreal by Dik *  
Dm-Malevolence.unr Malevolence (Players: 2-6) Rich 'Akuma' Eastwood (Unreal conversion by Pitbull)  
DMVeltorRemix.unr DMVeltorRemix (Players: 2 - 6) Akuma/Clawfist  
DM-Viridian[TOURNEY].unr Viridian Dreams (Players 2-6) Rich 'Akuma' Eastwood (Unreal conversion by Pitbull)  
dmAncientopia2006.unr Ancientopia 2006 (Players: 6-10) PsiTrix [MoA]  
dmerris2V2-breathe.unr dmErris (Players: 4-10) PsiTrix [MoA]  
DMToTheLimit-SoonerorLater_NPF.unr To The Limit (Players: Millioins =P) PsiTrix Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DmBADAwol.unr Absinthe.With.Out.Love. (PlayersL 4-10) =BAD=RuDe=>  
DmBadTrainingGroundRMX.unr DmBad TrainingGround (Players: 12-16) =BAD=RuDe=>  
DM_Gauntlet_v2.unr Dm_Gauntlet_v2 (Players: 4-8) =BAD=RuDe=>  
DMBloodsportUmx_NPF.unr DMBloodSport (Players: 8) BudLite Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMFloat_NPF.unr DmFloat BudLite "In Memory Of BoneKeepern AkA BushBeater RIP Bro"

Pathing, skybox and lighting added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMFloat_EDITED.unr DmFloat BudLite [Modifications by Nikola-(DOG)-]  
DmFireNuts.unr The Fire Starter (Players: Medium) Sir Fraggedalot  
DM-LavaPitArena.unr Lava Pit Arena (Players: Small) Sir Fraggedalot  
DM-Cybrosis.unr Cybrosis Alan Willard  
Dm-Stalwart.unr Stalwart (Plaers: 2-3) Alan 'Talisman' Willard-Unreal Conversion by Pitbull  
Dm-Zeto.unr Ice Station Zeto (Players: 4-12) Alan 'Talisman' Willard-Unreal Conversion by Pitbull  
DMFranconia.unr DmFranconia (Players: 4 to 8 Players) Orion (Co3O), aka Francois Lacombe  
Dm-SunshineArenaV2.unr DM-SunshineArena (Players: Dunno, five or six maybe?) FrancoisLacombe, aka Orion(Co3O), aka Mouse(Co3O)  
DM88AncientUMX.unr DM88 AncientUMX (Players:2-5 Players) Bjorn "Cyber Emperor" Stenfeldt Music by Blonde Psycho  
DMCamperKiller.unr CamperKiller Bjorn "The Emperor" Stenfeldt
DM-Bridgex.unr One Bridge Too Far Eric Boltjes  
Dm-Grit-TOURNEY.unr Grit (Players: 2-8) Eric 'Ebolt' Boltjes (Unreal conversion by Pitbull)  
DM-Aquari_Island_NPF.unr DM-Aquari_Island (Players: 10.347) Mr. T Pathing added and triggers for multiple music deleted by Nikola-(DOG)-
DM_Twilight_NPF.unr Twilight Mr. T- remake of a map by Firebird(DOG) Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DmFractal.unr Fractal Reactor (Players: 2-4) Dave Ewing-224 Conversion by Pitbull  
Dm-Morpheus.unr Morpheus (Players: 3 to 6) Dave Ewing (Unreal conversion by Pitbull and BOZO)  
DM-Clusterkill.unr -== The Clusterkill ==- (Players: 2- 8) Jeremy "Faceless" Graves modified by 3dtray  
DM-Seraphim+.unr Seraphim (Players: 2 - 10) Jeremy *Converted from UT to Unreal by Dik* Full name of original author is Jeremy 'Faceless' Graves
DmMedicationNumb.unr DmMedicationNumb (Players: small) getteW  
Dmoutofcontrol.unr Dmoutofcontrol (Players: A lot... Out of control!!!) getteW  
DM-BitterWind.unr Bitter Wind (PLayers: 2-5) BeWilderBeest  
DmFilthPit1UMX.unr DmFilthPit1UMX (Players: 3-4) BeWilderBeest  
DM-Cityzen.unr DM-Cityzen (Players: 2-6) Jesús  <- modified from UT to U1 by fingerlikin ->  
Dm-FactorZ+.unr FactorZ (Players: 2-8) Jesús *Converted from UT to Unreal by Dik *
Dm-Paranoid_V5_GFR.unr Paranoid (Players: 10) Jeff Amaro (DarkAngel), modified by Orion(Co3O)  
DM-Sunder.unr DM-Sunder Jeff "DarkAngel" Amaro  
DMEightballSalvationUmx.unr DMEightballSalvation (Players: 3-6) LeafyGreen  
DmRedLightArenaDog.unr DmRedLightArenaDog (Players: 4-8) Leafygreen  
Dm-Grinder.unr Grinder (Players: 2-6) Elliot (Unreal conversion by Pitbull)  
DmCelticRoute.unr DmCelticRoute (Players: 6) Hobeaux modified by Captain Canuck  
DMRoute66UMX.unr DMRoute66UMX (Players: 6) Hobeaux  
DmHijackedUmx_NPF.unr DmHijackedUmx (Players: 6-12) hJ:delta Official map of the Hijacked Clan

Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
dmanubis.unr Anubis (Players: 2-6) Mark Redone in 224 by Daddog
DMSinfonia.unr Sinfonia Marty Howe Author of the COOP map 'OnceGreatTemple'.
DMFireCastle.unr The Fire Castle Hoonest-Japan  
DmBallarenasilver.unr DmBallarenasilver (Players: One on One) Anton "MaxModule" Wiegert "Additional credits to ClawFist - Irrok-music added by 3dtray(DOG)"
DmJuiceBoxUMX.unr DmJuiceBoxUMX Chris 'Plutonic' Blundell -  
DM8-BallHero.unr DM8-BallHero (Players 3-6) Paul Timson (  
DmEightball-AsylumUmx.unr DmEightball-Asylum *UniBomb* [Michael Edwards]  
DMButtonRMx_MM.unr DMButtonRMX (Players:4-8 (Works for 1-1 quite well too)) Ralthor(Co3O)  
DMSWFortUmx_NPF.unr DMSouthwestFortUmx Justin Myers Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DmHypnosisUMX.unr DmHypnosisUMX Ross Quinn 'HypnOsis'  
DM-VanillaSex.unr DM-VanillaSex (Players: 2-4) Marc 'MarcEG's Gravett  
Dm-Eclipse.unr Biodome Eclipse for ChaosUT (Players: 2-6) Eric-Unreal Conversion by Pitbull  
DMSDialumx.unr DMSDialumx LEWSTER32  
DmBlackheartUMX.unr Dm Blackheart (Players: Any number of anguished souls.) Alex "The_Rat" Portegies  
DmGlooverUmx.unr DmGlooverUmx Paul 'Acidpablo' M'BIAKA  
DmEndersCo30RX.unr Enders Game! (Players: Many) KodeMuse and RiZZa, modified Orion(Co3O), Ride Of the Valkyries soundtrack added by Grim(Co3O)  
DM-LunaCasa.unr DM-LunaCasa (Players: 6 Players) Sean "Neurorelay" Evans "Death is only an illusion."
DM-Anachronism][.unr Anachronism (Players:2-4) Niles (Unreal Conversion by Pitbull)  
DmBuildingsV3_NPF.unr Buildings -- DeathMatch Mike9000-Weapon modification - chris Pathing added and new skybox imported from DmRadikus by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMNUTSISGONE_NPF.unr DMNUTSISGONE Anonymous Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMConcatenationUmx.unr DM-Concatenation (Players: 2-4) Phil Cole a.k.a -=¤willhaven¤=-  
DmGardenParty.unr DmGardenParty (Players: 6 to 10 (depends on the server, doesn't it...)) Katana (Co3O)  
DMSecondLettingGay.unr DMSecondLettingGay (Players:5 -7) Guy Beeson  
DM8srwild_NPF.unr Eight's Are Wild Neil Anthony Holmberg "music added by VooDoo-(DOG)-"
DMMorbidSnowUmx.unr DMMorbidCuriosity FlakAddict  
DmIronEdge.unr Ironedge TokyoGunSmith [NuKeD]  
DM-LongerYardSe-Bm.unr DM-LongerYard-SE-Bm (Players: 2 - 6) -Sol- ( Modified By LOO  
DmCargoShip.unr DmCargoShip James 'Retro-J' Huntsman  
DmHalo-Nickel.unr Halo's Hideout [CC] Halo (  
DMBreak_Down.unr DMBreak_Down RasPy [MoA] & cookiemonster [MoA]  
DmSlope-225_NPF.unr DmSlope (Players:8-16) Plato Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DMObservatorySEmusic.unr Observeatory Special Edition (Players: 4 " 8) OZ * Modified by RUSH*  
DMArenaUmx.unr DMArenaUmx Muffins  
Dm8MileDOG_NPF.unr 8 MILE ROAD (Players:5-10) Joe Fratantoni/BrakeDanceJ Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DM-RammyUMX.unr DM-RammyUMX (Players: 5 PlayerStarts) Matthew M Ramshaw "God I luv this game!!!"
DmFsm2_NPF.unr Small map (Players: 12) !!FuSioN!!-modified by 3dtray Pathing added and a minor texture change by Nikola-(DOG)-
DmDogTown-n.unr Sick Puppy's Dog Town [Night] J. Martin "Custom made for newbies playground/sick puppy's dog house."
DmAbandonedFactory.unr DmAbandonedFactory (Players: 4-8 players) red baron  
dmnoretreatumx.unr Dm-NoRetreat (Players: 3-4) Mattias "NeutralizeR" Ekh  
DM-Alesis.unr Untitled Anonymous  
Dmbadjuliette.unr DMJuliette (day) (Players: 5-10) CrazyJoeDevola(  
DMRetarded.unr DMRetarded (Players: A Lot Of Retards) Jason "JaeR" Rakosik  
DMPanthersDeck16DOG.unr DMPanthersDeck16DOG (Players: A LOT) designed by Jeter -->Music added by Numbnuts-->DOG<--  
Dm-Rankin+.unr DM-Rankin+ (Players: 2-8) Made from scratch by Fux3d. Original idea by Sjoug DJ. Retextured by Dik<KoR>  
DmBellToll.unr For Whom The Bell Tolls Keith Schuler  
DmMetridia_NPF.unr -Metridia- -Entropy- Pathing and music added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DmFlak.unr Flak Attack Mark Austin  
DmRocketChaosUmx.unr DmRocketChaosUmx Bullet  
DMmaniacUmx.unr New Maniac Beta Music added Drevlin "Life is a serious joke..."
DM-UnBodies.unr DM-UnBodies Slapshot "Robert J. Missionario"  
DM-Courtyard2umx.unr DmCourtyard (Players: 2-10) <koJ>X<PoW=>  
dmdream-ozzy_NPF.unr DeathmatchDream Chris"Brick"Willis Pathing added by Nikola-(DOG)-
DmRingOfFire.unr Ring of Fire (Players 4-8) Randy Shrader  
DM-Map07.unr DM-Map07 (Players: 10) Biff  
DMGetitOnUMX.unr DMGetitOnUMX (Players: 8 players) Nathaniel "Flyguy" Pavitt  
DmArcticColliseum.unr DmArcticColliseum (Players: 4) Ares 134  
DmLevel07.unr Level07 (Players: IceKing did all the hard work though.) Elya Remake Level07 Doom02

A map from Leo(T.C.K.)'s Unreal PSX.
DM-CampersParadisePSXF.unr DM-CampersParadisePSXF   A map from Leo(T.C.K.)'s Unreal PSX.
DM_Observatory.unr DM_Observatory Nikola-(DOG)-  
DM_8BallShrine.unr DM_8BallShrine Nikola-(DOG)-  
DM_Autumn_Library.unr DM_Autumn_Library Nikola-(DOG)-  
DM_Egyptian_Temple.unr DM_Egyptian_Temple Nikola-(DOG)-  

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