New COOP-MAPSET “Dead Star” added – Author: UnrealPredator

by chance i stumbled upon an awesome mappack on the mapset “Dead Star” consists of 16 (3 warp maps which i did not add) very nicely worked out maps – very classic and oldschool reminding on classic unreal and unreal return to na pali maps. i can recommend you to check out this amazing mapset!

for more information, please visit forum:


some screenshots:

queenship-2015_1_11_0_18_25_209_zpse71f5197 grislyfalls-2015_1_11_0_6_35_910_zps4a8fe2f9 queenship-2015_1_11_0_18_46_811_zps08642500 cliffside-2015_1_11_0_16_34_27_zps05676c50