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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year To All -(DOG)-Members, Friends Of Newbiesplayground, Unreal-Players And Your Families!!


Screenshot taken from the map “NaliC_xmas_music”, modified and re-textured by VooDoo-(DOG)- & Nikola-(DOG)-

written by strategy-(DOG)- Admin


  NEWBIESPLAYGROUND Unreal Contest 2016  


DATE: 18th to 28th of August 2016 – SinglePlayer-Contest

DATE: 26th to 28th of August 2016 – Coop-Contest

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written by strategy-(DOG)- Admin

  “Frags for OldSparky” – 2nd memorial day: 25th of june 2016

“Frags for OldSparky” – 2nd memorial day: 25th of june 2016

on 25th of june, it’ll be already 2 years since OldSparky passed away. we still keep him in mind and pay our tribute to him and his passion to the game Unreal. to honor him, we’d like to invite everyone to join open playing (this is not a contest, just some “meet & greet + fun”) of OldSparky’s favorite gamemode. this year we offer 3 servers (DM/Team-DM/KOTH) to welcome you at Newbiesplayground on 25th of june (there’s no starting time, would be nice to see activity during the whole day):

SICKPUPPYS DOGHOUSE K.O.T.H. (Gamemode: Pure King Of The Hill)
OLDSPARKY’s MEMORIAL DM INF (Gamemode: DeathMatch / Infiltration Weapons)
ENHANCED TEAM-DeathMatch (Gamemode: Team-DM)

would be nice, if you’d stop by and join for a few matches! 🙂

written by strategy-(DOG)- Admin


Newbiesplayground Coop Contest 2015

DATE: 17th of July 2015 – Start SinglePlayer-Stage

DATE: 25th of July 2015 – TeamPlayer-Event


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written by strategy-(DOG)- Admin

  GLEN “OldSparky” COOK   * 9-5-1943 – † 6-25-2014  

In Loving Memory

We are deeply saddened to announce, that our clan-leader OldSparky-(DOG)- passed away on June 25, 2014!

You will be missed and never forgotten!!! Rest in Peace! WOOF! WOOF!


written by strategy-(DOG)- Admin


  Our #1 Server: “Jackals Coop”  


View all Newbiesplayground GameServer: GameServer

written by strategy-(DOG)- Admin


  Support the UNREAL-COMMUNITY!  

GAMESPY shut down. Get the latest 227 patch!

Visit OLDUNREAL.COM and obtain the latest Unreal 227 patch

More Information: Gamespy will shut down

written by strategy-(DOG)- Admin


 Server Rules   

Here Are The Server Rules For Newbies Playground:

  • Spawn killing prohibited.
  • Type killing prohibited.
  • Obscene or degrading language and names prohibited.
  • Cheats prohibited.
  • Always be kind and helpful to new players.

NOTE: Violation of the server rules will result in you being kicked or kick-banned. Very nice ladies and my children play here.

written by SickPuppy-(DOG)- founder of -(DOG)-


  Dispersion Pistol   

I Am Going To Make This Perfectly Clear And This Should End The Confusion Once And For All:

  • The dispersion pistol is a gun and may be used at anytime.
  • Out of courtesy to players spawning, we try not to shoot people with just a dispersion pistol. If a player fires the dispersion pistol at you they are fair game to pulverize. We give you this opportunity to get a real gun if you so desire.
  • This is the way it has been from the first day Newbies went on line.
  • There is not a good solution to this problem or I would have implemented it long ago.
  • The people who camp on guns and spawn points of players to get cheap kills are the lowest of Unreal vermin.
  • Enough of the whining about DPS already everyone. Just get over it and get on with the game.

When you see me telling someone to get a real gun I am giving them the opportunity to get one before there are consequences.

written by OldSparky-(DOG)-


 -(DOG)- Code   

We desire to have fun, play with style, and encourage survival of Unreal online gaming. We desire to keep the game clean of obscenities or unacceptable language and personal slurs. The -(DOG)- clan always helps and encourages new players. The -(DOG)- clan are not only online opponents but also online friends. -(DOG)- clan members should always wear their -(DOG)- tag with pride even if playing on other servers.

written by SickPuppy-(DOG)- founder of -(DOG)-

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