Join the -(DOG)- Clan

If you want to join our clan, you must first post your desire on the clan forum board JOIN DOG – you need to sign up to the Forum prior to post: DOGForum-Registration. Once your request has been accepted, and if you are unknown to us, you may be asked to participate in a tryout or group discussion. After that tryout or discussion, if it is needed, and it is thought to be in the best interest of the -(DOG)- clan, you will be permitted to wear the -(PUP)- tag for a trial period of a few weeks. During this time you should be present on the server and let as many -(DOG)- clan members as possible observe you play.

It is required that you are present in our server at least 4 times or more per week while you are in the trial period. Admins and other -(DOG)- clan members will be closely watching you. If it is observed that you have playing skills, good attitude, and fair playing habits, at some point the membership committee will vote on your admission to the clan.

We expect you to have both desire and dedication enough to play on the server. This you must be willing to do. You will not be given any special treatment during this trial period. If you choose not to abide by the rules of the clan or server, your trial period will be over. Also during this time of trial, you may opt out at any time that you feel you do not want to be a -(DOG)- clan member or disagree with any of our rules.

Before posting on our forum about your desire to join, please read our clan and server rules carefully. You must be prepared to adhere to all of them. You will not be permitted to disrespect other players, admins, or -(DOG)- clan members playing on any server. If this happens, then it will be grounds for immediate termination of the trial period.

We will not tolerate this type of conduct by any player. We are a respectful and friendly clan and expect it to be kept that way. If you have decided you still want to be a member of our clan, please go post.

Please read our clan and server rules. If you have any questions, please ask -(DOG)- members.