ULTIMATE CACHE Update available: MrC’s Unreal MonsterHunt-Server

Download now the Cache-files for our new Server “MrC’s Unreal MonsterHunt

MH-ServerCache (476.5 MiB, 4 downloads)
MH-ServerCache (953.7 MiB, 39 downloads)
MH-ServerCache (953.7 MiB, 48 downloads)
MH-ServerCache (953.7 MiB, 44 downloads)

New GameServer added: MrC’s Unreal MonsterHunt

check out MrC’s custom MonsterHunt-Server offering 400+ MH-Maps!! IP:

Hail To The King 2019

On June 25th it will be already 5 years since OldSparky left us! To celebrate Sparky’s legacy we’d like to invite the Unreal-Community to join us for a KING OF THE HILL event on Sparky’s favorite server:


DATE: June, 25th 2019
TIME: Start: 7.00 pm UTC (9.00 pm CET / 4.00 pm EST) – open end!

ULTIMATE CACHE Update available: UltimateCachePt23+24.zip

New CacheFiles Available: UltimateCachePt23.zip + UltimateCachePt24.zip
This Part contains the latest maps and mapfixes.

UltimateCachePt23 (279.1 MiB, 11 downloads)
UltimateCachePt24 (258.3 MiB, 10 downloads)


New COOP-Map “Chamber of Choice” by Thobias Fast added to all Coop servers

An interesting little map with an immediate portal choice at the start.

New COOP-Map “LittleGreenMen” by MrC-(DOG)- added

check out this new map!

GAMESERVER update: Patch 227j_42

all NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to 227j_42 – if you should encounter any problems, please report to us! thank you!

Newbiesplayground offers DISCORD chat/voice-server

join us on DISCORD: Newbiesplayground -(DOG)-

GAMESERVER update: Patch 227j_41

all NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to 227j_41 – if you should encounter any problems, please report to us! thank you!

The map series “Phoenix Mission Pack 1” has been added to all COOP servers.

This campaign by ‘Unpunished’ includes the maps, AdevaDesert, AdevaBase, KalindraJungle, KalindraTemple, RaderriSettlement, RaderriUnderground, RX98Surface and RX98Chamber. There is a heavy emphasis here on complex jumping and avoiding various types of traps.