New “2020” COOP maps added by Ron-br!

Check out 8 new Coop maps by Ron-br. These are unusual and novel maps with a high level of difficulty involved.

New DM-Map “DMFountain” by Nikola-(DOG)- added

check out this really great 8ball map on all newbies DM/KOTH/MM-servers!

ULTIMATE CACHE Update available: MrC’s Unreal MonsterHunt-Server

Download now the Cache-files for our new Server “MrC’s Unreal MonsterHunt

MH-ServerCache (476.5 MiB, 7 downloads)
MH-ServerCache (953.7 MiB, 58 downloads)
MH-ServerCache (953.7 MiB, 64 downloads)
MH-ServerCache (953.7 MiB, 60 downloads)

New GameServer added: MrC’s Unreal MonsterHunt

check out MrC’s custom MonsterHunt-Server offering 400+ MH-Maps!! IP:

Hail To The King 2019

On June 25th it will be already 5 years since OldSparky left us! To celebrate Sparky’s legacy we’d like to invite the Unreal-Community to join us for a KING OF THE HILL event on Sparky’s favorite server:


DATE: June, 25th 2019
TIME: Start: 7.00 pm UTC (9.00 pm CET / 4.00 pm EST) – open end!

ULTIMATE CACHE Update available:

New CacheFiles Available: +
This Part contains the latest maps and mapfixes.

UltimateCachePt23 (279.1 MiB, 14 downloads)
UltimateCachePt24 (258.3 MiB, 13 downloads)


New COOP-Map “Chamber of Choice” by Thobias Fast added to all Coop servers

An interesting little map with an immediate portal choice at the start.

New COOP-Map “LittleGreenMen” by MrC-(DOG)- added

check out this new map!

GAMESERVER update: Patch 227j_42

all NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to 227j_42 – if you should encounter any problems, please report to us! thank you!

Newbiesplayground offers DISCORD chat/voice-server

join us on DISCORD: Newbiesplayground -(DOG)-