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New Map Sequel Csejte

We are happy to offer you a continuation of the story of the Csejte Map series on all our Servers. 7 recovered maps to definitely try out, have fun and good luck! Thanks go to Delacroix who put a lot of time into this to get his hands on these Maps!

New modded Map

Uploaded a modded Map to all NewbiesPlayGround Servers NaliVillage.unr Check it Out !!

2 New Maps Created by Ron

Received today 2 maps from Ron added them to Rotation from Servers SeaQuest1_Ron-BR.unr SeaQuest2_Ron-BR.unr check them out !

Last map from Sequel by Ron

New Map from Ron has been uploaded to our servers The last from a sequel from 3 maps. MapName : 3JonhSP.unr THX Ron !!

New MonsterHunt Map

A brand new map has been uploaded to our servers Map made by our Friend Pleyar4 ! It is a massif huge map with tons monster to kill 🙂 Mapname : MH-[SP]-MomentofTruth.unr Check it out and have fun !!!

Another New Map from Ron

A new map has been uploaded to the servers Map made by our friend Ron Mapname : Ron_Deepdive2.unr Check it out !

New map from Ron

A new map has been uploaded to the servers Map made by our friend Ron Mapname : Ron_Deepdive.unr Check it out !

GAMESERVER update: Patch Beta 227k 64bit – Build: Aug-08-2023

All NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to Beta 227k 64bit – Build: Aug-08-2023 If you use any 227k client-version, please make sure to patch your gameinstallation to the latest build. If you should encounter any problems, please report to us! Thank you!

Relics on Advanced Coop Server

Relics Mutator on the Advanced Coop Server Relic: Defense,A magical relic that prevents 60% of all damage sustained by the user Relic: Redemption,This mysterious artifact will bind to your soul, saving you from death Relic: Regen,A magical relic that imparts the ability to gain 5 health every second Relic: Speed,A magical relic that imparts superhuman …

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WTF Compilation

Map added to every server from NewbiesPlayground. Because I did liked the idea ( wtf serie ) from Shivaxi all Credits go to him ! Those maps did caused many troubles on the servers I did make a compilation from  wtf1.unr , wtf2.unr , wtf2dark.unr and wtf3 to only  1 map called WTF-NPF.unr. Because the …

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