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GAMESERVER update: Patch 227j 64bit

All NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to 227j 64bit This is the final version of 227j – please make sure to patch your beta227j-clients to this build. You can download 227j from this location: 227j Patch

New maps added

by RON: 1enteringthepipe.unr, 2notname.unr MH-Maps: MH-[SP]Approach.unr, MH-[SP]UnionJack.unr, MH-[SP]WizardCards.unr

ULTIMATE CACHE Update available: UltimateCachePt34&35

New CacheFile available: – – This part contains the latest maps and mapfixes.

New Map added: “The Wall” by Rubie

Rubie created a really cool map, inspired by Game of Thrones. Check it out!

Map-Fixes by Delacroix-(DOG)- added

Several maps/mapsets added: GELFPrison, NaliGrail1, NaliGrail2, NaliGrail3, Entombed, ash, ash1, ash2, TW1-Entry, TW2-Hub, TW3-Castle, TW4-Jungle, TW5-Temple

New DM-map by Nikola-(DOG)-

Once again Nikola created an amazing DM-Map: “DM_Research_labs” Awesome design and atmosphere – you need to check it out! I added the map to the rotation of all Newbies’ DM/TDM/KOTH-Servers.

New Mapset “CRAZY FOR FIGHT3” added

Check out the mapset “CRAZY FOR FIGHT3” ported from UT and added to all Newbies Coop-Servers Startmap: _Cff3A Thanks to Delacroix for intrudicing this mapset to Newbies, Rubie for additional fixes, Aspide for porting it to Unreal and Masterkent’s botpack!

NEW COOP-Maps added: HPDungeons / MH

– The mapset “HPDungeons” has been converted by Rubie and now added to Newbies Coop-Servers. – And a bunch of new MH-Maps by Rush (from SnipersParadise) added! MH-[SP]Asthenosphere, MH-[SP]Chronoshift, MH-[SP]ColderSteel, MH-[SP]Eruption, MH-[SP]GrandStaircase, MH-[SP]HellRaiser, MH-[SP]HollywoodHolocaust, MH-[SP]LoostMine, MH-[SP]NoRush, MH-[SP]OffworldAssault, MH-[SP]Pandora, MH-[SP]Shasmah, MH-[SP]Suspense, MH-[SP]ZenithCity

Gameserver-/Query-Ports changed

The gameserver- and query-ports of these servers changed: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND.NET -(DOG)- JACKALS COOP NEWBIESPLAYGROUND.NET -(DOG)- TESTSERVER

COOP-Maps added: Liandry Tarydium Mines | Escape from the Skaarjbase

– Liandry Tarydium Mines – TarMin0-NPF (Author: Molnár “makemeunreal” Balázs) – Escape from the Skaarjbase – FotW-_Unreal_Map1.unr (Author: Marcel “_Unreal_” Hottewitzsch) Maps are available on all Newbies COOP-Servers.