Category: Announcements

2 maps more :)

Two maps were added today on all our servers one is a compilation of 3 castles created separately by Robert A. Wey and merged by Rubie the other is an extension of DKEEP from alias \%”CoBoDeRa\%           Mapnames CasleMania-2024 and DKEEP2020_NPF.unr Have fun !

GAMESERVER update: Patch Beta 227k 64bit – Build: Mar-08-2024

All NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to Beta 227k 64bit – Build: Mar-08-2024 If you use any 227k client-version, please make sure to patch your gameinstallation to the latest build. If you should encounter any problems, please report to us! Thank you!

New DM-Map by Nikola-(DOG)- DM_TombStones

Nikola created another beautiful DM-map: DM_TombStones_Newbies.unr – available on all Newbies DM/KOTH/MM-Servers – check it out!

Final MapPack from Beyond The Wall

The last 2 maps have been worked out and are on our servers full MapPack can be found into Section Downloads Have Fun !

Rise of Jrath

A couples days ago we added the maps from Rise of Jrath to all our servers This MapPack has 43 maps included one map By Yrex  “horrordeck”