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GAMESERVER update: Patch 227j_pre_Beta10 64bit

all NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to 227j_pre-Beta10 64bit – if you should encounter any problems, please report to us! thank you!

Hail To The King 2021

Hail To The King 2021! June 25th will mark the 7th anniversary of OldSparky-(DOG)-‘s passing! To honour and celebrate his legacy, we would like to invite all players of the Unreal community to join us for a KING OF THE HILL event on OldSparky’s favorite server: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND.NET -(DOG)- SICKPUPPYS DOGHOUSE K.O.T.H. (IP: DATE: June, …

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ULTIMATE CACHE Update available:

New CacheFile available: This part contains the latest maps and mapfixes.


A new amazing mapset – PROJECT XENOME – has been ported to Unreal by Masterkent!!! Now available on all Newbies-COOP-Servers!! Please check out more information about this campaign:

Support Newbiesplayground? Donations?

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