Category: Announcements

GAMESERVER update: Patch Beta 227k 64bit – Build: Mar-17-2023

All NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to Beta 227k 64bit – Build: Mar-17-2023 If you use any 227k client-version, please make sure to patch your gameinstallation to the latest build. If you should encounter any problems, please report to us! Thank you!

ULTIMATE CACHE Update available: UltimateCachePt36-Pt40

New CacheFiles available: – – – – – These parts contain the latest maps and mapfixes.

New Mapset “classic RUNE maps” added – converted to Unreal by Rubie

Rubie concerted the classic RUNE maps and brought them to Unreal. The mapset is now available on Newbies COOP-servers – first map of the series: “HELL1A” Important: The mapset can only be run by 227j-clients (or higher). Screenshots can be found here: