NEW MH-Map “MH-[NP]Mercurius” created by Nikola-(DOG)-

Nikola-(DOG)- created a new MH-map: “MH-[NP]Mercurius” – check it out on Newbiesplayground’s Coop-Servers. More information can be found on dogforum

New “Crush Na Pali” COOP maps added by Ron-br

Check out the latest 5 maps by Ron-br with his usual trademark style: 1crushnapalibr, 2crushnapalibr, 3crushnapalibr, 4crushnapalibr, 5crushnapalibr.


The UNREAL CONTEST 2020 has started! join us on Newbiesplayground’s Contest Servers! WOOF!

Forfeited Alliance (Assault SP Pack Demo 2) maps added to all Coop servers

These 5 maps are “A surreal reimagination of the UT assault maps and more!”

400+ MonsterHunt maps added to JACKAL’s COOP server

Check out this large collection of MonsterHunt maps which have been carefully selected and adapted for Coop play!

New “2020” COOP maps added by Ron-br!

Check out 8 new Coop maps by Ron-br. These are unusual and novel maps with a high level of difficulty involved.

New DM-Map “DMFountain” by Nikola-(DOG)- added

check out this really great 8ball map on all newbies DM/KOTH/MM-servers!

ULTIMATE CACHE Update available: MrC’s Unreal MonsterHunt-Server

Download now the Cache-files for our new Server “MrC’s Unreal MonsterHunt

MH-ServerCache (476.5 MiB, 83 downloads)
MH-ServerCache (953.7 MiB, 309 downloads)
MH-ServerCache (953.7 MiB, 324 downloads)
MH-ServerCache (953.7 MiB, 293 downloads)

New GameServer added: MrC’s Unreal MonsterHunt

check out MrC’s custom MonsterHunt-Server offering 400+ MH-Maps!! IP:

Hail To The King 2019

On June 25th it will be already 5 years since OldSparky left us! To celebrate Sparky’s legacy we’d like to invite the Unreal-Community to join us for a KING OF THE HILL event on Sparky’s favorite server:


DATE: June, 25th 2019
TIME: Start: 7.00 pm UTC (9.00 pm CET / 4.00 pm EST) – open end!