Oct 11 2015

New COOP-map added

a new part of the “RTN”-mapseries has been added by Rubie

this is an interesting map with tons of monsters in it – check it out! 😉

2015_10_11_12_1_28_641-RTN6 2015_10_11_11_46_0_490-RTN6 2015_10_11_11_45_50_986-RTN6 2015_10_11_11_37_49_245-RTN6 2015_10_11_11_31_5_588-RTN6


  1. strategy-(DOG)-

    update: map has been fixed and updated on all np coop-servers

  2. strategy-(DOG)-

    there’s a problem in the map that prevents 227i clients from joining the servers, if the map is loaded.
    i am awaiting an updated version that fixes this issue.

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