This Year’s Unreal-Contest will be launched on July 29th. All details: >>> UNREAL CONTEST 2017 <<<

New COOP-Maps added

maps “Ron7.unr”, “Ron8.unr”, “Ron9.unr” and “Ron10.unr” by Ron BR added to all coop-servers.

Clean CACHE for DM/KOTH/MM-Servers available now

CACHE-Set of all DM/KOTH/MonsterMash-Servers:


NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT1 (184.7 MiB, 128 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT2 (203.7 MiB, 131 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT3 (227.0 MiB, 135 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT4 (221.3 MiB, 128 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT5 (199.9 MiB, 128 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT6 (227.9 MiB, 126 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT7 (193.7 MiB, 126 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT8 (206.7 MiB, 125 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT9 (156.3 MiB, 126 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT10 (240.9 MiB, 127 downloads)
NP-DM KOTH MM-ServersCachePT11 (38.4 MiB, 133 downloads)


Clean CACHE for COOP-Servers only available now

for those players who only want to play on our coop-servers, we offer an updated and clean CACHE-set:


NP-COOP-ServersCachePT1 (278.0 MiB, 153 downloads)
NP-COOP-ServersCachePT2 (296.1 MiB, 149 downloads)
NP-COOP-ServersCachePT3 (538.1 MiB, 149 downloads)
NP-COOP-ServersCachePT4 (631.2 MiB, 143 downloads)
NP-COOP-ServersCachePT5 (365.2 MiB, 145 downloads)


New Coop Maps added to the Advanced COOP server

The following new maps have been added: set-1,set-2,set-3,set-4, set-5, set-6, Set-7, Set-8 by KPL and Wooper. These are very old maps being kept for nostalgia purposes!

GAMESERVER update: Patch 227j_37

all NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to 227j_37 – if you should encounter any problems, please report to us! thank you!

New COOP-Map “Escape Drea” by Nikola-(DOG)-

Nikola-(DOG)- created an amazing new map. Available on all Newbies COOP-Servers – check it out!

GAMESERVER update: UGoldFix_v8

all NEWBIESPLAYGROUND COOP GAMESERVERS are patched to UGoldFix_v8 – if you should encounter any problems, please report to us! thank you!


the following maps have been fixed: Iphigenia2_NPF.unr (by Leela)

ULTIMATE CACHE Update available:

New CacheFiles Available:
This Part contains the latest maps and mapfixes including the files for the special “CHRISTMAS FUN”-server


UltimateCachePt21 (292.0 MiB, 179 downloads)