UNREAL HARD CRASH – Mapset: remastered + new maps!

the “UNREAL HARD CRASH”-Mapset has been remastered and includes three new maps! check out: HCLF, HCLF2, HCLF3, HCLF4, HCLF5 and the new maps: HCLF6, HCLF7, HCLF8.

the maps are available on all NEWBIES COOP-Servers! have fun!


“Created by Jason S, Zimmermann over TEN YEARS of development. (Mostly due to being abandoned part way through, and the military happened XD)

Remastered and officially released 2 February 2018 at night.

§ìlvèr§èrpënt AKA Xer06siX”

ULTIMATE CACHE Update available: UltimateCachePt22.zip

New CacheFiles Available: UltimateCachePt22.zip
This Part contains the latest maps and mapfixes.


UltimateCachePt22 (243.1 MiB, 127 downloads)

New COOP-Maps added

The mapset “PHOENIX MISSION PACK 2: The Blue Mountains” created by ‘Unpunished’ has been added to all COOP-servers.

New COOP-Map added

the map “Station H2SO4” by Serge Jaeken has been added to all coop-servers.

During the Skaarj Wars, a special operations team was formed to disable Skaarj bases located on the moons of Na Pali. Your mission was to coordinate the assault from the ship while the rest of your team went inside. You soon lost contact with your squad and decided to investigate.

more information you can be found here: Thread Station H2SO4 on Oldunreal.com

New COOP-Maps added

A new map-series of 10 maps + map 1JonhSP by Ron BR, a new map “TheUnknown” by MrC-(DOG)- and a map-fix by Leela (NP24MClane_NPF) have been added to all COOP-servers!


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to all Unreal-Players and your families!!

“New” Coop Maps added to the Advanced COOP server

The maps “DeadCity.unr”, “DeadCity2.unr” and “DeadCity3.unr” have been added to the Advanced Coop server for some fun with zombies!

GAMESERVER update: Patch 227j_38

all NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to 227j_38 – if you should encounter any problems, please report to us! thank you!


This Year’s Unreal-Contest will be launched on July 29th. All details: >>> UNREAL CONTEST 2017 <<<

New COOP-Maps added

maps “Ron7.unr”, “Ron8.unr”, “Ron9.unr” and “Ron10.unr” by Ron BR added to all coop-servers.