currently the 225 version of JACKALS COOP is online for those who want some nostalgic enjoyment. check out the all servers browser: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND JACKALS COOP 225 [JCoopZ1]

VotingHandler-mutator added to the ADVANCED COOP server

on the ADVANCED COOP server you are now able to vote your favorite maps!

hit the “V” key or type in console:    ShowVotingMenu   to call the voting-menu

NEW Mapset “STRANGE PLACE” added – created by Rubicon-(DOG)-

Rubicon created and designed a new mapset entitled “Strange Place” and is currently working on a sequel-map – very well done! 😉 WOOF!

the maps “Strange_place1”, “Strange_place2”, “Strange_place3” and “Strange_end” have been added to all COOP-servers.



A new COOP server is currently online: NEWBIESPLAYGROUND.COM X-HARD COOP



All Gameservers are patched to 227j_17 – if you should encounter any problems, please report them on forum

ULTIMATE CACHE updated! – Part 10

“ULTIMATE CACHE” has been updated: UltimateCachePt10 the update contains latest maps and mapfixes and Operation Na Pali files! Download here:

UltimateCachePt10 (229.7 MiB, 574 downloads)

New Mapset “OPERATION NA PALI” added to COOP Servers

Thanks to MASTERKENT, who wrote the “ONPCoopMutator” that allows the UT Mapset “OPERATION NA PALI” being working on Unreal 227 server, we added more than 30 amazing maps of this adventure to the coop servers!

The Maps are set at end of the current rotation. You’ll also find an updated CACHE-Part that contains all files needed to play instantly…

Have Fun! WOOF! WOOF!


You can find a review on UnrealSP.Org

New Website online

Spent some time to rework the existing website, but you should find all content you were used to. The website is based on the opensource framework “WordPress” and this would enable additional users/moderators, blogging, …. whatever. suggestions and feedback is welcomed! -(DOG)-s who want to become serious editors should get in touch with me. Would be nice to see some activity 😉



New Players

If your new to the game, read Sparky Rambles on the left.  There are three pages and includes talking about running your own server.


We are seeing some Newbies on the Server, Are you offering help and showing patience?   Play with Style and help others.

People with Troubles

Remember during your busy life, those from our unreal community who have health or real life issues.  Check the thread in the forum to find out who is having a hard time right now and who has successfully passed over a life mountain.  There are always those with problems who need our help.

To Submit Maps or Pictures

Old Sparkys Email addy is


All Gameservers are patched to 227j_16 – if you should encounter any problems, please report them on forum