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currently i am testing a new server to see how it performs. to get an objective result, all regular gameservers are currently deactivated. if you should experience different latency values, this is caused by the server-location: germany.

GAMESERVER update: Patch 227j_40_pre2

all NEWBIESPLAYGROUND GAMESERVERS are patched to 227j_40_pre2 – if you should encounter any problems, please report to us! thank you!

The small map-pack “Blackout” has been added to all COOP servers!

This very oldskool campaign by Essjay ‘Exiled’ Campbell contains the maps Compound, DesCanyon, RSite, DarkPass and FChamber.

Small UT-Campaign “The Fury” added to all COOP-Servers

(taken from UNREAL ARCHIVES): The Fury is an unfinished, two-map SP campaign for Unreal Tournament by Olav Groenaas Gjerde. The first two maps (out of who knows how many planned) were released separately on 26th February, 2002 and 8th March, 2002 respectively. In the lack of a detailed ReadMe text file these dates are assumed …

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ULTIMATE CACHE Update available:

New CacheFiles Available: This Part contains the latest maps and mapfixes.