UT Mappack “RETURN THE HEART” added to all COOP-servers

the very nice mappack “RETURN THE HEART” has been added to the rotation of all COOP-servers.


Rob “Doublez-Down” Collins’ Return the Heart came out just a few months earlier in 2010 than another well-known work of the author, Gothic Resurrection. It is a fairly decent map pack in classic Unreal style, with nice architecture, lighting and atmosphere. For those mappers who played both Return the Heart and Gothic Resurrection, it becomes apparent that Doublez-Down went through tremendous improvement in game play planning and balancing between the two.  Unfortunately that means that this map pack may seem poorly executed when it comes to game play, but rest assured there will still be plenty of fun moments for the first time player to enjoy.

(taken from http://unrealarchives.com/return-the-heart/ )



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